The Original Mickey Mouse Club Show

Walt Disney Home Video: The Mickey Mouse Club

In 1994 the Disney Company issued this set of ten VHS video tapes from the original Mickey Mouse Club. Each one had three twenty-minute shows, and the first five had a new eight-minute introductary segment by Annette. The shows were drawn from the third and fourth seasons on ABC, and from the first season in syndication. When the compilation DVD The Best of the Mickey Mouse Club was issued in 2005 it consisted entirely of episodes that had already been featured on these tapes.

Volume Nine     Featuring "Circus Day"!

Front of Video Tape Box Rear of Video Tape Box This has three shows from syndication which, in order, feature a second season Circus Day, a first season Guest Star Day, and a first season Circus Day. The first show is also on the Best of the Mickey Mouse Club DVD. Circus Day and Guest Star Day were usually handled by the Blue and/or White Teams. The membership of these two teams was fluid in the short time both existed during first season, and I have no way of distinguishing them. In the second season, Red Team members would be roped in to enlarge audiences for these days.

Circus Day performers the Half Brothers 1st Episode: Circus Day
This show has Circus Barker Bob Amsberry introducing a South American juggling act called the Half Brothers, who pull Roy into their act. Continuity goof: Margene, Larry and Jay-Jay are in the audience in v-neck polo shirts, but when talking with the act are in turtlenecks. Mousekartoon "Pied Piper" is introduced by all six Red Team girls, followed by a full version of the second season Alma Mater.
Ukelele Ike & Company 2nd Episode: Guest Star Day
Bronson invites this grouping of the Blue and White teams to watch Cliff Edwards ("Jiminy Cricket") demonstrate how he sold 10 million records in the 1920's as "Ukelele Ike". He and Jose Oliverira ("Joe Carioca") perform Give a Little Whistle, while Clarence Nash ("Donald Duck") vainly tries to be heard. The show concludes with an episode from Further Adventures of Spin and Marty.
Florence Honey Girls 3rd Episode: Circus Day
This show has the complete second season Circus Day opening, usually only seen in truncated form, coupled with a first season Circus Day act introduced by the Blue Team Mouseketeers. The act is the "Florence Honey Girls", four female acrobats. One of them injures her head near the end, and momentarily steps off-camera; as the music concludes, she's still holding her head. The show finishes with Mousekartoon "Springtime For Pluto".

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