The Original Mickey Mouse Club Show

Walt Disney Home Video: The Mickey Mouse Club

In 1994 the Disney Company issued this set of ten VHS video tapes from the original Mickey Mouse Club. Each one had three twenty-minute shows, and the first five had a new eight-minute introductary segment by Annette. The shows were drawn from the third and fourth seasons on ABC, and from the first season in syndication. When the compilation DVD The Best of the Mickey Mouse Club was issued in 2005 it consisted entirely of episodes that had already been featured on these tapes.

Volume Eight     Featuring "Anything Can Happen Day"!

Front of Video Tape Box Rear of Video Tape Box Three shows from syndication make up this tape. The first showcases the Firehouse 5+2. This dixieland combo featured a host of Disney studio employees, including animator Ward Kimball and composer George Bruns, and had appeared on Walt Disney's first television special in 1950. Walt Disney originally supported the band, but when he fell out with Ward Kimball over hiring Ray Bolger for Babes in Toyland (1961), he turned against it.

Firehouse 5+2 1st Episode: Anything Can Happen Day
Has a second season opening, and a first season performance. Jimmie, Darlene, and Sharon introduce the Firehouse 5+2 for two numbers. I Want to be a Fireman, is sung by the Mouseketeers, with quick solos by Annette, Doreen, Bonni, Mary Sartori, Mike, Karen, and Lonnie. Tiger Rag has Cubby on drums, while Sharon, Bonni, Bobby, and Lonnie do 1920's dances. Darlene introduces Mousekartoon Mickey's Nightmare.
'Gee, Its Hard to be Eight' 2nd Episode: Talent Round-Up Day
The show opens with a third season opening, then goes to a first season performance. Karen is Jimmie's pick for Talent Round-Up Day. She sings her famous little number, Gee It's Hard to be Eight, from the window of the Dry Gulch Hotel. Her song is followed by an episode of The New Adventures of Spin & Marty.
Annette and Lame Lamouret 3rd Episode: Guest Star Day
The third show on this tape has a second-season guest star, Robert Lamouret, advertised as a ventriloquist, who calls on Annette for help as a waitress and Judy Marsh as a dinner companion. This sort of dismal performance was all too common among guest stars on the show, many of whom were out-of-work friends of the studio executives.

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