The Original Mickey Mouse Club Show

Walt Disney Home Video: The Mickey Mouse Club

In 1994 the Disney Company issued this set of ten VHS video tapes from the original Mickey Mouse Club. Each one had three twenty-minute shows, and the first five had a new eight-minute introductary segment by Annette. The shows were drawn from the third and fourth seasons on ABC, and from the first season in syndication. When the compilation DVD The Best of the Mickey Mouse Club was issued in 2005 it consisted entirely of episodes that had already been featured on these tapes.

Volume Seven     Featuring "Guest Star Day"!

Front of Video Tape Box Rear of Video Tape Box This tape has three shows from syndication, each one consisting of a first or second season "Guest Star Day" performance with a cartoon. There are no Mouseketeer numbers on this tape, though they do appear in each show. The first show is also on the Best of the Mickey Mouse Club DVD. The back cover has a typo, rendering Judy Marsh's last name as "Maruk". She was the original Sluefoot Sue at the Golden Horseshoe Revue in Disneyland.

Guest Star Ronnie Robertson 1st Episode: Guest Star Day
This has a second season Guest Star Day opening and main feature. "Bewildered Ballerina" features the Ice Capades Willie Krall doing a comic skating routine in drag. The second guest of this episode is 1956 Olympic Ice Skating Silver Medalist Ronnie Robertson talking with Bob Amsberry, Margene, Larry, and Charley, then skating. This is followed by the Mousekartoon "Ferdinand the Bull", introduced by Cubbie and Karen.
Morey Amsterdam 2nd Episode: Guest Star Day
A full second season Guest Star Day opening, and a first season Guest Star. Morey Amsterdam treats the Mousketeers to his version of Fractured Fairy Tales, accompanying himself on the cello. Judy, Doreen, and Ronnie help out with the gags, with Billie, Tommy, Darlene, Lonnie and Mike watching. A Mousekartoon, "Mickey's Follies", introduced by Mary Espinosa and Mark, concludes the show.
3rd Episode: Guest Star Day
Performers from the Golden Horseshoe Revue in Disneyland join the Mouseketeers. Judy Marsh sings while Billie, Mary Sartori, Bonni, and Mary Espinosa play saloon girls. Donald Novis sings while waiters Dickie, Ronnie, Lee, and Dennis dance. Wally Boag is introduced by Bronson for jokes, dancing, balloons, and backflips. Concludes with a short Mousekartoon, "The Clock Store".

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