The Original Mickey Mouse Club Show

Walt Disney Home Video: The Mickey Mouse Club

In 1994 the Disney Company issued this set of ten VHS video tapes from the original Mickey Mouse Club. Each one had three twenty-minute shows, and the first five had a new eight-minute introductary segment by Annette. The shows were drawn from the third and fourth seasons on ABC, and from the first season in syndication. When the compilation DVD The Best of the Mickey Mouse Club was issued in 2005 it consisted entirely of episodes that had already been featured on these tapes.

Volume Five     Featuring Mousekartoons!

Front of Video Tape Box Rear of Video Tape Box Annette's introduction is a paean to Walt Disney. Her recounting contradicts her memoir; she claims here that she was a big fan of his and thrilled to finally meet him, while in the book she said she wasn't quite sure who he was before auditioning for the show. Her description of Walt as always being present on the set of the Mickey Mouse Club doesn't jibe with the memories of other Mouseketeers, who nearly all say he wasn't there very often. She describes his many kindnesses to her, and if the viewer has any doubts about favoritism on the show, they will be dispelled by watching this short homily.

Newsreel 1st Episode: Cartoon/Newsreel Day
This is a third season show with the usual opening (We're the Mouseketeers...), originally broadcast Jan 28, 1958. Cubby as the Mouseketeer-in-the-box introduces the cartoon "Society Dog Show", which is followed by Episode 3, "Clues", of the newsreel special Inside Report on the FBI, hosted by Dirk Metzger.
Cartoon 2nd Episode: Cartoon/Newsreel Day
This is a third season show with the usual opening and closing, originally broadcast Dec 16, 1957. The cartoon is "Donald's Ostrich" introduced by Mouseketeer-in-the-box Karen. It's followed by a newsreel special, Episode 2 of Argentine Adventure, hosted by Tommy Cole and Miguel, who also narrates.
A Day at the Beach 3rd Episode: Fun with Music Day
Originally broadcast Nov 25, 1957, "A Day at the Beach", like many other Mouseketeer numbers directed by Sid Miller, is a multi-part skit. It starts with a simple song and dance, Beside the Sea, featuring Darlene, accompanied by Annette, Bobby, and Lonnie. A short transition then has the two couples joined by Don Agrati and Doreen as they talk to the boardwalk phototographer, played by Bob Amsberry. There's a flashback to 1920, spoofing a Mack Sennett silent comedy, with all the performers, including Roy, and a slapstick ending back in 1957. The skit is followed by an episode of The New Adventures of Spin & Marty.

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