The Original Mickey Mouse Club Show

Walt Disney Home Video: The Mickey Mouse Club

In 1994 the Disney Company issued this set of ten VHS video tapes from the original Mickey Mouse Club. Each one had three twenty-minute shows, and the first five had a new eight-minute introductary segment by Annette. The shows were drawn from the third and fourth seasons on ABC, and from the first season in syndication. When the compilation DVD The Best of the Mickey Mouse Club was issued in 2005 it consisted entirely of episodes that had already been featured on these tapes.

Volume One     Featuring Mouseketeer Entertainment!

Front of Video Tape Box Rear of Video Tape Box This tape consists of third season Fun With Music shows, each featuring a Mouseketeer production number. It also has an introduction from a still-beautiful but tired-looking Annette, in which she talks about her early life, dancing lessons, how she hadn't a clue what the word audition meant when trying out for the Mouseketeers, and her gratefulness to Walt Disney for giving her such great opportunities and for being such a wonderful guy.

Hayride 1st Episode: Fun with Music Day
Bobby introduces "Hayride", which starts with Darlene singing country style, then has the other Mouseketeers join in for Goin' On A Hayride. It's followed by a square dance with Annette, Tommy, Bobby, Cheryl, Doreen, Lonnie, Darlene and Lynn. Jimmie calls the dance, while the other Mouseketeers pretend to play instruments. Followed by an Jimminy Cricket "Curiosity" special on "Midget Car Racing".
Mousekaturntoentertain 2nd Episode: Fun with Music Day
Darlene introduces "Mousekaturntoentertain", which has a party number where Bobby does the Goofy shuffle, Lynn does his signature jazz dance, and Bobby, Cheryl, Annette, Tommy, Darlene, and Lonnie do the Donald Duck Walk. Linda Hughes is the pretend birthday girl. Followed by an episode of newsreel special Inside Report on the FBI, hosted by Dirk Metzger, and guest starring Tommy "Gun" Cole.
Picnic Time 3rd Episode: Fun with Music Day
Jimmie introduces "Picnic Time", which features Linda Hughes and Don Agrati singing What a Day for a Picnic. They are joined by three more couples, Bobby and Cheryl, Tommy and Annette, and Lonnie and Doreen, who launch into a song and dance reprise of the same tune. The boys then do a sack race holding an egg on a spoon, while the four girls sing Keep Your Eye on the Egg. The boys next do a pie-eating contest, then all four couples reprise the theme song. Followed by an episode of newsreel special Inside Report on Washington.

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