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This section covers what for many years was the largest circulation magazine in the United States. Published weekly, it provided both program listings and short articles of interest to television viewers. Recent updates are highlighted in yellow.

TV Guide
Sep 24-30, 1955

A special Fall preview issue has an article on shows for kids, including the coming debut of the Mickey Mouse Club. Illustrated with a rare color photo of the White team Mouseketeers, the article mentions the main competition for the mice, Howdy Doody and Pinky Lee.
TV Guide
Jun 16-22, 1956

The Mouseketeer auditions for the second season, limited to six open spots, are captured in photos. Has photos of Charley, Cheryl, Larry, Margene, and mentions them with Eileen and John J. Solari as winners. Sherry has a photo, but curiously is left off of the list of winners.
TV Guide
Dec 1-7, 1956

econd season director Sidney Miller is the main focus of this piece on the Mickey Mouse Club. The four page article describes how Mouseketeer mothers are kept in a separate area, to the delight of the director. Sidney says only Darlene and Sherry want to continue in the business.
TV Guide
Dec 8-14, 1956

Profile of Joyce Holden, who played Circle H counselor Miss Adams for Further Adventures of Spin and Marty. Mentions that both male and female viewers wanted to add romance to the story, hence the addition of a girl's ranch, which led to cutting down on the number of Triple R campers.
TV Guide
May 24-30, 1958

Short article on fifteen year old Annette having her contract option renewed, and hoping for a car for her sixteenth birthday. Also mentions her friends are limited to Mouseketeers and a few neighborhood teens since she has attended only the studio school for three years.
TV Guide
Dec 24-31, 1960

wo page photo of a portion of fourteen year old Sherry Alberoni's 250 doll collection. Though she wasn't featured much during her time on the show, Sherry was one of the few Mouseketeers who remained almost continuously employed in show business after the MMC.
TV Guide
Dec 8-14, 1962

Short informative profile on Cheryl Holdridge discusses her screen career, athleticism, parental discipline, and growing up as the only girl among a neighborhood full of boys. Not mentioned was her notorious fling with singer Lucky Starr during the Mouseketeer's 1960 tour of Australia.
TV Guide
Dec 12-17, 1964

Brief article on Sherry and her vigilent mother has a poor photo of what was really a very pretty starlet with a flair for comedy and voicework. Mrs Alberoni like Mrs Funicello guarded her chick carefully; other Mousekemoms were less successful.
TV Guide
Dec 29, 1975

etrospective piece on the Mouseketeers one year after the seventies syndicated revival of the Mickey Mouse Club. The only major surprise is the appearence of comments from Bronson Scott, the youngest Mouseketeer, with unique views of Walt Disney and Roy Williams.

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