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Teen Screen Magazine Articles Related to the Mouseketeers

This section covers a sixties fan magazine for teenagers, a close competitor to the front-running 'Teen magazine. With the return of the Mickey Mouse Club to television through syndication in 1962, the magazine hired Judy Harriet to present a series of updated capsule profiles of various Mouseketeers. The series petered out after only four issues, without explanation from the publishers. Later, the magazine hired Roberta Shore to deejay a radio show it sponsored. Recent additions are highlighted in yellow.

Teen Screen
Jan 1961

A small photo on the cover and a three page layout inside for Annette's filming of The Horsemasters in England. This film was released theatrically outside the US, but was only shown on Walt Disney Presents in North America.
Teen Screen
May 1962

The magazine announces a continuing series called "National Search For The Missing Mice". Those covered in this issue were Darlene, Mike, Sharon, and Johnny Crawford. Also has a "What I Think of Annette" article by her closest friends, relatives, and co-stars.
Teen Screen
Jun 1962

or the continuing series profiles are presented on Sherry Alberoni, Lonnie Burr, Tommy Kirk (neither a mouse nor "missing" at this time) and Jay-Jay Solari. The large photo of Sherry presages her later dominance of publicity on the show out of all proportion to her actual screen time on it.
Teen Screen
Jul 1962

As part of the continuing series, profiles are given of Cheryl Holdridge, Don Underhill, Ronnie Steiner, and Lynn Ready. The inclusion of Cheryl seems to be part of a pattern for this series wherein one currently active and popular performer was juxtaposed with several less visible mice.
Teen Screen
Aug 1962

At the peak of his teen idol days Johnny Crawford was on many magazine covers. Other ex-mice appearing inside were Don Grady, Paul Petersen, Bronson Scott, and Mary Sartori as part of the continuing series. The editors included a plea for contacts with other mice not yet profiled.
Teen Screen
Sep 1962

on Grady was another ex-Mouseketeer whose star rose with a shift in studio. As second brother Robbie on My Three Sons he soon eclipsed oldest brother Tim Considine, who left the series in 1964. Don's main interest was music, and he eventually left acting to be a composer.
Teen Screen
Mar 1964

Doreen's long struggle to stay in show business shines through the breathless writing of this two page article. The British Invasion would soon put an end to magazine articles about Mouseketeers other than Annette, until the nostalgia craze of the seventies.
Teen Screen
Apr 1964

Annette has the cover and a three-page photo layout inside, showing her in plumber's costume from the film The Misadventures of Merlin Jones. Paul Petersen has a four page photo layout, with two pages in full color, largely showing him on the set of The Donna Reed Show.
Teen Screen
Oct 1967

im Rooney gets a one page article and photo in this Monkee mad magazine, when a studio leak revealed he would take Davy Jones place should the latter be drafted.

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