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'Teen Magazine Articles Related to the Mouseketeers

'Teen Magazine gets its own page because it became the indirect employer of several ex-mouseketeers. From 1960 thru 1964 it sponsored a variety troupe that made personal appearences and performed live at teen nightclubs. The troupe was built around the Addrisi Brothers, a musical comedy act. At various times Tommy Cole, Bobby Burgess, Roberta Shore, Doreen Tracey, Judy Harriet, and Ronnie Steiner were members of this troupe. In 1960, after Annette successfully sued to change her Disney contract, the magazine hired her to write a monthly column called "My Crazy Calendar". It also gave lots of coverage to Cheryl Holdridge and other ex-mice who had steady acting jobs.

'Teen was well-written and accurate in its reporting, qualities lacking in its competition. It was the most popular teen fan magazine of its time, and was even powerful enough to take on Dick Clark in a struggle for access to American Bandstand regulars. It regularly sponsored parties in Los Angeles in order to get photo layouts. It's legendary beatnik photographer Earl Leaf also wrote an unconventional gossip column "My Fair and Frantic Hollywood" that often outraged readers, but was the heart of each issue. Recent additions are highlighted in yellow.

Dec 1957

For its seventh issue after starting publication 'Teen offered this article on dance etiquette, illustrated with photos of Bobby Burgess and Doreen Tracey. Allowing Mouseketeers to do a non-Disney related article was an unusual happenstance while the show was still airing.
Jan 1959

nnette, Tommy Kirk, Tim Considine, David Stollery, Tommy Cole, Roberta Shore and Shelley Fabares all appear together in photo layouts for two articles in this issue. Unfortunately the photo editor consistently mixed up identifications of the latter two girls.
Apr 1959

Annette and Henry Calvin appear together for the first of her many cover photos for this mag. Other Mouseketeers shown in the feature article are Darlene, Doreen, and Mary Sartori. Earl Leaf's column has a large pic of Judy Harriet rehearsing with Bing Crosby.
Aug 1959

Annette and Roberta Shore share the cover for a slumber party photo layout. Other Mouseketeers at the party are Cheryl Holdridge and Mary Sartori. Annette was approaching her zenith of popularity, and would soon have a monthly column in this magazine.
Sep 1959

o cover, but the Mouseketeers who missed out on Annette's party get some nice interior photos and a fairly decent article about them. Included are Doreen, Darlene, Bobby, Tommy, Sharon, Cubby, and Karen. Article describes the school harrassment many of them suffered.
Oct 1959

For an article on healthy living Judy Harriet, Roberta Shore and Cheryl Holdridge join Noreen Corcoran in sampling nutritious foods and demonstrating easy exercises.
Dec 1959

A rare cover appearence for Doreen, though she has to share it with the former child actor of Shane. Six page b/w photo-illustrated piece on her post-MMC life. Also in this issue, an article with photos on Annette's diet.
'Teen Bandstand Blast

hough forgotten today, American Bandstand regulars were wildly popular from 1957-61. This special publication by ex-regular Pat Molittieri contains some photos and her opinions on Annette, Cheryl Holdridge, Doreen Tracey, Bobby Burgess, Tommy Cole, Tim Considine, Roberta Shore, and others.
Feb 1960

Fifteen year-old Cheryl Holdridge is a good sport, posing for a photo illustrating too much makeup. There's also a brief profile of Tim Considine, where he makes it clear that he and Annette are not a couple, and a short paragraph on Roberta Shore.
Mar 1960

For the arrival of bandstand regular and new columnist Pat Molittieri, the magazine throws a party with Bobby, Doreen, Darlene, Sharon, Tommy, Cheryl, Judy Harriet, Ronnie Steiner, David Stollery, and Roberta Shore among others.
Apr 1960

or the one year anniversary of Annette's first cover for their magazine, the editors gave her a full page color portrait inside and a very candid article quoting Doreen, Sharon, Lonnie, Bobby, Tommy, David Stollery, and Tim Considine about her.
May 1960

Darlene gets a makeover in this photo-illustrated article. It's fairly long, and the makeover actually dates back several months. This would be just about the last time Darlene would have a solo feature in a fan magazine.
Jul 1960

The Top 'Teen troupe is inaugerated with an outdoor concert. It was a small-scale outfit, performing at department stores, high schools, and teen nightclubs. Bobby Burgess and the Steiner Brothers quickly moved on to better jobs, while the Addrisi Brothers became the show's stars.
Oct 1960

heryl Holdridge's sixteenth birthday party is covered in this photo-illustrated article. Mouseketeers in attendence were best-buddy Doreen, Sharon and Karen, plus about thirty other teen girls. Cheryl was an outgoing lady, as popular with gals as with guys.
Jan 1961

A backhanded article makes the ex-mice seem desperate for attention. The magazine threw a party for them, Roberta Shore, and the Addrisi Brothers. Also in attendence was Doreen's date and hostess Pat Molitieri, an ex-bandstand regular.
Apr 1961

The New Annette tells how she was taking charge of her own life after turning eighteen. Also mentions she would be making Babes in Toyland and Bon Voyage, though her part in the latter film eventually went to Deborah Walley.
Jun 1961

Marriage or Career? is the subject of eleven questions put to Annette, Cheryl, Doreen, and Roberta Shore. Doreen's melancholy responses may have surprised fans who didn't know that she was already married.
Jul 1961

One of the surprises for me in doing research for this website was the high visibility of Tommy Cole in the fan magazines from 1959 to 1964. This was his biggest feature article, with a full page photo and several smaller pictures.
Jan 1962

oreen's marriage in May 1961 to Robert Washburn is the subject of this short article, which incorrectly claims it was the first Mouseketeer marriage (Nancy Abbate had married in August 1959). The couple separated in May and divorced by August 1962.
Oct 1962

Paul Peterson has the cover and feature story, celebrating his popularity on The Donna Reed Show, while a number of ex-mice share their opinions in Earl Leaf's column on teens seeing movies meant for adults. Roberta Shore appears in several photos illustrating a cooking article.
May 1963

Good profile on Cheryl Holdridge is a little more serious than the usual fluff pieces on starlets. Talks about her disciplined upbringing with a retired Army general; backstage maneuvering and rivalries by Mouseketeer parents; and her take on Elvis and other guys.
July 1963

ickey Rooney Jr and fellow classmates at HPS pose for an article on colorful grad gowns. Girl in the copper gown is talent winner Cathy Taylor. Another talent winner, Donna Loren (Zukor) has a one page article, while Earl Leaf's gossip column mentions Tim Considine, Annette, and Doreen Tracey.
Oct 1963

A "Where are they now?" article for the Mouseketeers. Surfing style had overcome the Philly Italian and crew-cut looks for teens; most of the mice were now sporting bushy blond hair. Doreen candidly discusses her marriage, divorce and child.
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