The Original Mickey Mouse Club Show

Walt Disney Treasures DVD: The Adventures of Spin & Marty

In December 2005 the Disney Company issued this entry in their popular Treasures series of DVDs. Like the rest of the series, this DVD comes in a two-part metal tin, that opens to reveal a standard size black plastic case with a silver-gray wraparound paper cover. Inside are two discs, a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by Leonard Maltin and Roy E. Disney, a small reproduction of the cover of a Spin and Marty comic book, and an eight-page color booklet on the disc contents.

The discs contain twenty-five eleven minute episodes from the show's most popular serial, and some bonus material. The episodes have been taken from re-mastered originals, and are clean, bright, and far better-looking than anything you could have hoped to see on a black and white television screen in that era. Each episode opens with the Mickey Mouse Club emblem and the Spin & Marty theme music, but ends abruptly without credits.

Bonus features include the full-length hour-long Mickey Mouse Club episode that introduced the serial, Tim Considine's original screen test for the role of Monty Markham, still photo galleries of the serial's production and associated merchandise on the first disc. On the second disc are reminisces with Tim Considine and David Stollery at the ranch location where the serial was filmed, and an interview with Harry Carey, Jr. Each disc also has introductary comments by Leonard Maltin, though his presence here is much less intrusive than on the Mickey Mouse Club Treasures DVD.

There's no phony bonus option to register your DVD, like there was for the Mickey Mouse Club Treasures DVD, and the contents listed inside the booklet match what's on the discs. Credits for the serial, including cast, are only present at the end of the bonus Mickey Mouse Club episode. That episode has no scene selections, so you'll have to fast forward or use the "Next Chapter" button to find the credits.

Disc 1 Contents

Episode Menu 1
  1.   The Triple-R
  2.   The Misfit
  3.   The White Stallion
  4.   Froggy Day
  5.   The Battle
Episode Menu 2
  6.   A Surprise Decision
  7.   Homesick
  8.   Logan's Lesson
  9.   The Chase
10.   Ride-'Em-Cowboy
Bonus Feature: The Mickey Mouse Club #25, Nov 4, 1955
The Talent Round-Up Day that presented the introduction to Spin & Marty is shown in its entirety, a treat from the Disney Studio. A newsreel precedes the two talent winners; fencer Bobby Crawford, who challenges brother Johnny, and classical pianist Jon Robertson. The Spin & Marty introduction follows, then Darlene and Cubby present the Mousekartoon, "Mickey in Arabia".

Disc 2 Contents

Episode Menu 1
11.   The Snipe Hunt
12.   The Secret Ride
13.   Tragedy
14.   Perkins' Decision
15.   Tossing The Calf
Episode Menu 2
16.   Rope Artist
17.   Nothing Happens on a Sunday
18.   Perkins and the Bear
19.   The Runaway
20.   Haunted Valley
Episode Menu 3
21.   The Live Ghost
22.   The Big Rodeo
23.   Off on the Wrong Foot
24.   Sky Rocket's Trick
25.   The Last Campfire
Bonus Feature: Return To The Triple-R
Tim Considine and David Stollery wander around the Golden Oak Ranch in Newhall, California, trying to find the locations where they filmed fifty years earlier. An interesting tidbit is that they didn't live on location, but rode a chartered bus from Burbank everyday. Race car driver Tim confesses being scared of horses, while auto designer David recollects how a horse's hoof crushed his foot one day.
Bonus Feature: Interview With Harry Carey, Jr
Leonard Maltin conducts a slightly strained interview with an elderly Harry Carey, Jr. Though still alert, Harry is obviously a little out of sync with where Leonard is trying to lead the conversation, and at the end calls him "Larry". We do learn that Harry's nickname was Dobie, and that he was happy to have the steady summer work to help feed his four kids.

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