The Original Mickey Mouse Club Show

Production Set Stills: Darlene's Bedroom

The Mickey Mouse Club had at least three Fun with Music Day numbers in what purported to be Darlene's bedroom. The photos here are from two second season skits. The layout for each differs slightly, and both are markedly different from the first season's When I Grow Up set. Pictured below is a detail from An Evening with Darlene, dated September 21, 1956.

The poorly lit images above are from Day's End, made on July 3rd, 1956. The bed and desk occupy roughly the same positions in both skits, but the dressing table from the earlier number has been replaced by a piano in the later one.

A fan magazine article from late 1957 gives a slight glimpse of Darlene's real bedroom (below), which she shared with her older sister Pat. Younger sister Larrian no doubt was a frequent visitor.

Set stills like these were made for the property department, and were not intended for release as publicity photos. Most set stills are devoid of cast and crew; the photographer was only concerned with capturing the appearence of the stage and the presence of people in the frame was a matter of indifference. Hence, when they do show up, as above, they are often out of focus and poorly lit.

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