The Original Mickey Mouse Club Show

Production Set Stills: Guest Star Day

Several members of the Firehouse 5 + 2 are shown waiting on the set for another take of Hold That Tiger. Dick Roberts looks forlorn standing alone with his banjo, while Danny Alguire has deposited his cornet on the piano top and appears to be either smoking a cigarette or enjoying a lollipop. Barely visible to his left is an unknown Mouseketeer whose helmet just pokes up behind the piano. Jimmy MacDonald and Hack O'Brien seem to be considering the placement of Cubby's drum set while the lad himself awaits their verdict.

The Full Picture

The full image (above) shows two unknown crewmen possibly pondering the special lighting effects used at the climax of this number. This episode was filmed August 25, 1955 and first broadcast December 27, 1955. It is widely available on the Best of the Mickey Mouse Club DVD.

Set stills like these were made for the property department, and were not intended for release as publicity photos. Most set stills are devoid of cast and crew; the photographer was only concerned with capturing the appearence of the stage and the presence of people in the frame was a matter of indifference. Hence, when they do show up, as above, they are often out of focus and poorly lit.

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