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The New Adventures of Spin and Marty - Call Sheet

Here's something that might bring a smile and tear (or even a grimace and shudder) to a Mouseketeer or Disney serial actor. This is a call sheet, put out daily by the studio production office for the cast and crew, signalling who and what were needed when for the next day's shooting. The front (below) showed the cast, including extras and stand-ins for the three principal serial actors. The abbreviations WDBE and W.N. stand for "Wardrobe" and "When Needed". The day's filming shown here was for some of the barn scenes of The New Adventures of Spin and Marty, shot on stage one of the Burbank studio.

Call Sheet (rear)

The back side of the call sheet (above) gave the crew, props, and equipment required. Note the records to be used, Anne Boleyn for Perkins' solo and Happy Snowman for Annette's ballet, the listing for a rabbit and handler, and the period terminology of "Ward Man" and "Ward Girl".

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