The Original Mickey Mouse Club Show

Production Set Stills: Fun With Music Day

This detail from a set still shows Eileen Diamond and Sharon Baird hobnobbing, or perhaps rehearsing their on-camera "chatter" for a second season Fun with Music Day skit called Horseless Carriage. Bobby Burgess and Doreen Tracey listen to Cheryl Holdridge (back to camera), as do Lonnie Burr and Jimmie Dodd.

The Full Picture

Color Sample

This scene was filmed September 13, 1956 and first broadcast over six months later on April 22, 1957. The full photo shows a portion of the camera that would film the opening shot dead straight ahead to the barn, with little visible of the set dressings captured in this photograph. (Click on the thirty second video below).

For comparison with this black and white still examine the photo above that appeared in TV Guide to get an idea of how colorful the show's sets really were.

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Set stills like these were made for the property department, and were not intended for release as publicity photos. Most set stills are devoid of cast and crew; the photographer was only concerned with capturing the appearence of the stage and the presence of people in the frame was a matter of indifference. Hence, when they do show up, as above, they are often out of focus and poorly lit.

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