The Original Mickey Mouse Club Show

Production Set Stills: Disneyland

A propman, or possibly costumer Ted Tooey, helps out Bobby Burgess with his scarecrow outfit. This episode from Disneyland, called The Fourth Anniversary Show, was first broadcast September 30, 1957. The scene being prepared for here would feature Bobby dancing with Doreen, in a preview for the never-made film, The Rainbow Road to Oz.

The Full Picture

Doreen played Scraps, the Patchwork Girl; she and Bobby would have their singing voices dubbed by Gloria Wood and Doodles Weaver for this number.

Screen capture from the actual number

Entertainment historian Jim Hill has created a very informative online article about Walt Disney's attempts to make an Oz movie, with some unique color photos of this Disneyland episode.

The second set still is even more dim. Attempts to lighten it with photo-enhancing software did nothing to improve the image. It shows the aftermath of a scene in which the Mouseketeers have celebrated both the anniversary of the Disneyland TV show and Walt Disney's decision to make The Rainbow Road to Oz.

Some of them are in costumes representing characters in the Oz movie, from earlier scenes in the show. At the top of the "cake", Darlene has apparently collapsed into a barely visible heap. Doreen and Annette, both in Oz costumes, are looking at her, while the rest of the mice talk and move about while waiting for the next scene.

The Full Picture

Below is a publicity still from this scene with Walt Disney, Jerome Courtland, and Guy Williams.

Publicity still of the same scene

Set stills like these were made for the property department, and were not intended for release as publicity photos. Most set stills are devoid of cast and crew; the photographer was only concerned with capturing the appearence of the stage and the presence of people in the frame was a matter of indifference. Hence, when they do show up, as above, they are often out of focus and poorly lit.

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