The Original Mickey Mouse Club Show

Production Set Still: Fun With Music Day

Director Sid Miller demonstrates the stance he wants for the first scene of a Fun with Music Day skit. Karen and Sherry pay close attention, while Sharon seems to be wondering what the commissary might be offering for lunch that day. This was from a show called Fun With Fish, the second scene of which featured Lonnie, Bobby, Larry, and Jay-Jay singing and dancing to A Whale of a Sailor.

The Full Picture

This was one of the last numbers filmed for the second season, as can be seen both on the chalkboard in the photo at left (Oct 8, 1956), and in the full picture above, where large white numbers indicate the month and year (1056) followed by a sequence number.

Also on the small chalkboard is the production number 8206-086. This was a general accounting number for tracking expenses and film progress. All MMC related items had a production number beginning with "82", followed by a two-digit sub-account, in this case "06" for Fun with Music Day.

This skit then was the 86th filmed production for Fun with Music Day since the show started. The first season had roughly sixty filmed productions for Fun with Music Day, all standalone songs, while the second season had about half that number of multi-scene skits. The production account numbers for the other days of the week were: Serials were assigned their own separate numbers, e.g. '8205' for Adventure in Dairyland, and '8238' for The Mystery of Ghost Farm.

Set stills like this were made for the property department, and were not intended for release as publicity photos. Most set stills are devoid of cast and crew; the photographer was only concerned with capturing the appearence of the stage and the presence of people in the frame was a matter of indifference. Hence, when they do show up, as above, they are often out of focus and poorly lit.

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