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Mickey Mouse Club Serials: Season Three Specials

For the 1957-58 season educational serials were presented as either Newsreel or Encyclopedia specials, even as the traditional MMC newsreels were cut back to one a week. Both types of special had been featured the previous season, but would now have Mouseketeers or serial actors as hosts and narrators.

There was no difference in style or subject matter between the two special formats; only the openings distinguished them. Newsreel specials had title cards in the usual newsreel style; encyclopedia specials had the recycled Jiminy Cricket animation and no titles.

Most of the information on this page came from original research done by Bill Cotter, however, any errors of fact or mistakes in interpretation are my own.

Newsreel Special: Hawaiian Adventure
Interest in the island territory was building with impending statehood and the arrival of commercial jet travel. This serial was introduced by Annette, who also provided the voice-over narration. Pamela Bornemann, Barbara Olin, and Paul Roelofs were the three youngsters who travelled by steamship from California to Oahu, then explored the islands using the custom MMC station wagon seen in earlier serials.

Episode         Orig Air Date
Part 1         Oct 21, 1957
part 2         Oct 22, 1957
Part 3         Oct 23, 1957
Part 4         Oct 24, 1957
Part 5         Oct 25, 1957
Part 6         Oct 28, 1957
Part 7         Oct 29, 1957

Encyclopedia Special: Uranium Hunt
Don Agrati hosted and narrated this short science focused serial, which followed three youngsters, Mike Blye, Johnny Green, Jerry Goldenson, as they learned about modern mining and how to find uranium ore.

Episode         Orig Air Date
Part 1         Oct 30, 1957
Part 2         Oct 31, 1957
Part 3         Nov 01, 1957

Newsreel Special: Argentine Adventure
Nine part series had each episode introduced by Tommy Cole, whose in-studio co-host/narrator was Billy Almeida. The storyline followed two young brothers living on a ranch in the Pampas as they learned the Gaucho way. Filmed by Jerry Sims and written by Bert Murray.

Episode         Orig Air Date
Part 1         Dec 16, 1957
Part 2         Dec 17, 1957
Part 3         Dec 18, 1957
Part 4         Dec 19, 1957
Part 5         Dec 20, 1957
Part 6         Dec 23, 1957
Part 7         Dec 24, 1957
Part 8         Dec 25, 1957
Part 9         Dec 26, 1957

Encyclopedia Special: Roaring Midgets
This special was hosted and narrated by Tommy Cole. The title refers to one-quarter sized race cars for kids at a private track in Glendale, California.

Episode         Orig Air Date
Roaring Midgets         Jan 20, 1958

Encyclopedia Special: Japan
These four specials were a very loose continuation of the Japanese Correspondent series from previous seasons. They were hosted and narrated by Tommy Cole.

Episode         Orig Air Date
Cormorant Fishing         Dec 27, 1957
Shipyards         Jan 21, 1958
Shooting the Rapids         Jan 23, 1958
Geisha Girl         Mar 28, 1958

Encyclopedia Special: Lobsters
This standalone special was hosted and narrated by Doreen Tracey.

Episode         Orig Air Date
Maine Lobster Fishing         Jan 22, 1958

Newsreel Special: Inside Report on Washington
This multi-part serial has its own page by Disney Historian Jim Korkis. Dirk Metzger, host of English Correspondent in the earlier seasons, does the introduction and narration, and is also the on-camera visitor to the various locales around the capital. Tommy Cole, while on a publicity tour to the east coast in January 1958, did quick bits as a captured gangster in the introductions to two FBI episodes.

Episode         Orig Air Date
FBI - Part 1         Jan 24, 1958
FBI - Part 2         Jan 27, 1958
FBI - Part 3         Jan 28, 1958
FBI - Part 4         Jan 29, 1958
Congress - Part 1         Jan 30, 1958
Congress - Part 2         Jan 31, 1958
Money - Part 1         Feb 03, 1958
Money - Part 2         Feb 04, 1958
Money - Part 3         Feb 05, 1958
The White House - Part 1         Feb 06, 1958
The White House - Part 2         Feb 07, 1958

Newsreel Special: Get That Story!
Ten part series followed several cub reporters in New York City as they learned the newspaper trade. Series was hosted and narrated by Tommy Cole.

Episode         Orig Air Date
Part 1         Mar 10, 1958
Part 2         Mar 11, 1958
Part 3         Mar 12, 1958
Part 4         Mar 13, 1958
Part 5         Mar 14, 1958
Part 6: By Photo         Mar 17, 1958
Part 7         Mar 18, 1958
Part 8         Mar 19, 1958
Part 9         Mar 20, 1958
Part 10: By Feature Page         Mar 21, 1958

Newsreel Special: Youth Takes Over the Atom
David Stollery, being a tech-savvy guy, hosts and narrates a four-part series on atomic energy.

Episode         Orig Air Date
Part 1         Mar 24, 1958
Part 2         Mar 25, 1958
Part 3         Mar 26, 1958
Part 4         Mar 27, 1958

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