The Original Mickey Mouse Club Show

The Daily Format

Serial Segment

From start to finish the third quarter hour of the Mickey Mouse Club was the most popular in the ratings. The material shown during this time ranged from popular dramatic serials with teenage stars to travelogues and semi-dramatic documentaries of teens exploring the natural world.

The Feature Presentation

The hour-long shows of the first two seasons (1955-1957) were divided into quarter-hour blocks, called segments by production designers Bill Walsh and Hal Adelquist. Each of the four segments featured a different form of entertainment that would occur at the same time everyday. This was done both to comply with ABC's network marketing requirements, and to facilitate producing the show's first season. As each segment was independent of the others, they could be filmed in any sequence then assembled into completed shows later by the film editors.


Each segment was a combination of original programming, recycled footage, and advertising.

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