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Rather than embarass myself trying to describe the incredibly complex tangle of Disney record labels and recording history, I'll just refer the reader to the book pictured on your left. Written by R. Michael Murray and published by Antique Trader Books in 1997, this 246 page volume with numerous color pictures is worth every penny of its $20 cover price. It's readily available in new or used editions through Amazon, and you should pick up a copy before buying Disney records on eBay or elsewhere. The prices are still valid, and the book includes historical information about the Disney Music Department.

The photos here were made from items in my possession, some of which are in poor condition. For those albums with photo pages inside only the covers are posted. If the back cover is not pertinent to the Mickey Mouse Club or the Mouseketeers only the front is displayed. I have a very small collection, and what's shown here is only a tiny fraction of the records issued. .

DBR (Disney Big Record) 78 RPM Series

Mickey Mouse Club
Jimmie Dodd/The Mouseketeers
DBR-50 1955

Fun With Music, Vol I
Jimmie Dodd/The Mouseketeers
DBR-51 1955

Fun With Music, Vol II
Jimmie Dodd/The Mouseketeers
DBR-52 1955

Fun With Music From Many Lands
Jimmie Dodd/The Mouseketeers
DBR-53 1955

Jimmie Dodd/The Mouseketeers
DBR-55 1955

Corky and White Shadow
Darlene Gillespie/Buddy Ebsen
DBR-59 1956

Roll Up The Rug
Darlene Gillespie/The Mouseketeers
DBR-63 1956

Darlene Gillespie/The Mouseketeers
DBR-64 1956

We're the Mouseketeers
The Mouseketeers
DBR-71 1958

Words To Grow By
DBR-79 1958

Side A
  Beauty Is As Beauty Does   Doreen
  Spreading Happiness Each Day   Jimmie Dodd
  Mousekefable: The Fox and Crow   Jimmie Dodd
  Everything Is Fun: Schoolwork   Cubby
Side B
  Talk Happiness: Once Upon a Time   Annette
  Mousekefable: The Dog and the Wolf   Jimmie Dodd
  Beauty Is As Beauty Does   Darlene

DBR (Disney Big Record) 45 RPM Series

Westward Ho, the Wagons!
Jimmie Dodd/The Mouseketeers
DBR-67 1956

Four Songs From Cinderella
Jimmie Dodd/Darlene Gillespie
DBR-70 1958

Side A
  Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo   Jimmie Dodd & Vocal Group
  Cinderella   Jimmie Dodd

Side B
  A Dream Is A Wish That Your Heart Makes   Darlene Gillespie
  So This Is Love   Darlene Gillespie
Snow White
The Mouseketeers
DBR-78 1958

Side A
  Whistle While You Work   Mouseketeers & Vocal Group
  With A Smile And A Song   Darlene Gillespie

Side B
  The Silly Song   Jimmie Dodd, Tommy Cole, & Moochie
  I'm Wishing   Darlene Gillespie & Vocal Group
Holidays With the Mouseketeers
Karen & Cubby/Cliff Edwards
DBR-87 1958

Side A
  Trick or Treat   Karen & Cubby
  How Lucky We Are   Professional Vocal Group

Side B
  Kris Kringle   Jiminy Cricket (Cliff Edwards)
  Holidays   Professional Vocal Group

"WDL-3000" LP Series

Darlene of the Teens         Second Pressing Cover (1958)
Darlene Gillespie
WDL-3010 Issued 5/1957

Side I
  1. Sittin' In The Balcony
  2. Come, Go With Me
  3. Rock-A-Billy
  4. Ninety-Nine Ways
  5. Seven Days
  6. Butterfly
Side II
  1. Too Much
  2. Love Me Tender
  3. Teen-Age Crush
  4. I've Never Been In Love
  5. Young Love
  6. Don't Forbid Me

Mickey Mouse Club "MM" LP Series

A Walt Disney Songfest
Jimmie Dodd/Darlene Gillespie/Tommy Cole/Henry Calvin/Jerome Courtland/Kevin Corcoran/Vocal Group
MM-20 Issued 1958

Side I
  1. With A Smile and A Song (Darlene)
  2. Whistle While You Work (Vocal Group)
  3. Silly Song (Jimmie, Tommy, Kevin)
  4. I'm Wishing (Darlene)
  5. The Walrus and the Carpenter (Group)
  6. All in the Golden Afternoon (Darlene)
  7. Cinderella (Jimmie Dodd)
  8. I'm Lonely My Darling (Jimmie & Group)
Side II
  1. You Can Fly (Vocal Group)
  2. Never Smile at a Crocodile (Henry Calvin)
  3. Following the Leader (Jimmie & Group)
  4. Your Mother & Mine (Jimmie & Group)
  5. In a World of My Own (Darlene)
  6. Old Yeller (Jerome Courtland & Kevin Corcoran)
  7. Very Good Advice (Darlene)
  8. So This is Love (Darlene)
  9. Pioneer's Prayer (Jimmie & Group)

Disneyland "DQ" LP Series

The covers of the following albums are a little bit misleading. The tracks they contain are not from the show, but were recorded separately. Background vocals are provided by a professional chorus, and the instrumental arrangements are very different from those originally done by Buddy Baker. On the first album, Darlene does three tracks, Annette two, Jimmie one, with Tim and David also doing one track together. All the rest are a professional vocal group. The second album is all Jimmie, again with a professional chorus.

Songs from the Mickey Mouse Serials
Darlene/Annette/Jimmie/Tim Considine/David Stollery/Vocal Group
DQ 1229 Issued 7/1962

Side I
  1. How Will I Know My Love
  2. Annette
  3. Meetin' At The Malt Shop
  4. Buckwheat Cakes
  5. My Pa
  6. Hap-Hap-Happy Snowman
  7. Gold Dubloons
  8. What I Want To Be Theme
Side II
  1. Don't Jump To Conclusions
  2. Theme From Spin And Marty
  3. "Triple R" Song
  4. Uncle Dan
  5. Moochie
  6. Boys Of The Western Sea
Sing-along with Jimmie Dodd
Jimmie Dodd/Vocal Group
DQ 1235 Issued 4/1963

Side I
  1. Rag Mop
  2. Harrigan
  3. M-O-T-H-E-R
  4. Do-Re-Mi
  5. Mickey Mouse Cha-Cha-Cha
Side II
  1. Massachusetts
  2. Alphabet Song
  3. "A" You're Adorable
  4. Encyclopedia
  5. I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo

Disneyland "ST" LP Series

How To Be A Mouseketeer
The Mouseketeers & Guests
ST-3918 Issued 8/1962

Side I
  1. Mickey Mouse March
  2. Fun With Music
  3. Today is Tuesday
  4. Anything Can Happen
  5. Here Comes the Circus
  6. Talent Round-up
  7. Animals and Clowns
  8. Simple Simon
  9. Icka Backa Soda Cracker
  10. Mr Stubbs
  11. British Grenadier
  12. Friendly Farmer
  13. Boy At The Dike
  14. The Little Cow
  15. Get Busy
  16. Cooking With Minnie Mouse
  17. Sho-Jo-Ji
Side II
  1. Mousekedance
  2. Pussy Cat Polka
  3. Mouseketap
  4. Humphrey Hop
  5. Edelweiss Polka
  6. 1925 (Cliff Edwards)
  7. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo
  8. The Disappearing Song
  9. A Mousekethought
  10. Good Samaritan
  11. If You're Happy
  12. May I Have A Word With You
  13. Proverbs
  14. Smile and Face The Music
  15. Do What The Good Book Says
  16. Talk Happiness
  17. Beauty Is As Beauty Does (Doreen)
  18. Beauty Is As Beauty Does (Darlene)
  19. You Can't Run From Trouble
  20. Mickey Mouse Club Alma Mater

Mickey Mouse Club Song Hits
The Mouseketeers
ST-3815 Issued 7/1975

LG-600 45 RPM Series

Mickey Mouse March
Jimmie Dodd/The Mouseketeers
651   Issued 1978

Jimmie Dodd/The Mouseketeers
652   Issued 1978

Mouseketeer's Talent Round-Up
Jimmie Dodd/The Mouseketeers
653   Issued 1978

Mickey Mouse Alma Mater
Jimmie Dodd/The Mouseketeers
656   Issued 1978

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