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Other Magazines Related to The Mickey Mouse Club Show and the Mouseketeers

This section covers a variety of articles, from specialized journals to Disney in-house publications to commercial fan magazines. It is by no means comprehensive, particularly of fan magazines. (Annette alone must have a thousand articles devoted to her from 1959 to 1965). There are two sections, each arranged chronologically in order of publication. The first is devoted to Disney published or orientated material, the second to publications from independent sources. Recent additions are highlighted in yellow.

Disney In-house Publications

The Disney World
Vol 6 No 2 - November 1968 - 26 pages

The Fortieth Anniversary of Mickey Mouse was celebrated with two events featuring Mouseketeers; a parade in Disneyland, and a television special broadcast Dec 22, 1968. There's a half-page group photo from the TV special showing the twelve mice who took part.
Disney News
Vol 10 No 4 - Fall 1975 - 21 pages
Official Magazine for Magic Kingdom Club Families

A four page layout called "The Mouseketeers Revisited 1955-1975" has a spread with then and now pictures and brief updates on nineteen Mouseketeers. These mostly follow Keith Keller's book.
Disney News
Fall 1985

photo-laden multipage article focuses on Sherry Alberoni and Bobby Burgess as the exemplars of what Walt Disney would have wanted Mouseketeers to grow up to be. Sherry is given extensive coverage, not bad for a little girl who was nearly invisible on the original show.
March-April 1989

Article by Lonnie Burr tells story of the making of the Mickey Mouse Club, what it was like to work on the show and travel with the Mouseketeers on tour, and some of the merchandise marketing spawned by its success. Illustrated with a few rare b/w and color photos.
July-August 1989

Second article by Lonnie Burr brings readers up to date on the original Mouseketeers, a term they prefer to "old Mouseketeers" (The Disney Channel MMC had just launched that year). Some nice color candid photos of Lonnie, Tommy, their wives, Larry Larsen, and Sherry Alberoni.
Persistence of Vision
Issue #10 (1998) - 100 pages
An Unofficial Historical Journal Celebrating the Legacy of Walt Disney

ontains several articles of interest, including the Mickey Mouse Club Circus of Nov-Dec 1955 by John Kenworthy, and articles on Spin & Marty by Dave Smith, and on all the other MMC serials by Bill Cotter.

Independent Publications

TV People
Feb 1957

A two page photo spread on Karen Pendleton showing her at home engaged in chores and hobbies, with her parents, cousin, and friends. (Click on the photo to see the second page)
TV Star Parade
Oct 1957

Darlene has a photo taken from a studio publicity shot. Freddie the dog bears a passing resemblance to Toto from the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. This is from "Pet Shop", broadcast Sept 30, 1957, about the same time as the Disneyland episode in which she played Dorothy.
Nov 1957

he cover shows Lonnie and Annette from the first season (note the cap logo) while inside are a dozen small photos from the second and third seasons, and a few short paragraphs on the Mouseketeers. Otherwise, the contents look like they're from 1927.
The Spectator Weekend
Dec 14, 1957

Informative article by Bob Willett on Darlene from a Canadian viewpoint. Mentions her parents dancing career and her maternal grandparent's farm in Saskatchawan. Has quotes from Walt Disney and standard studio publicity, with other info and opinions from Darlene and her family.
TV Star Parade
Jan/Feb 1958

Darlene has a date with an old friend from her pre-MMC days. The article still mentions her as getting ready for the Disney "Oz" movie though that project had been cancelled by the time this issue reached the newstands.
Movie Star Parade
June 1958

isney bought a full page ad for The Light in the Forest, so they were entitled to this photo layout of the Annette serial cast party. Darlene's presence may signal this was a pre-filming launch party. Others pictured are Cheryl, Sharon, Doreen, Shelley Fabares, and Sammy Ogg.
Mobile Living
June 1958

Trade publication article on the use of trailers for star dressing quarters and schoolrooms on the Disney lot. A staple of location shooting, Disney found trailers convenient at home on the lot as well during its 1950's studio expansion.
TV Yearbook No 5
Fall 1958

Annette and Tim Considine get nice photos, but the accompanying short paragraphs in this two page article were poorly researched. The news that the Mouseketeers were soon to be dropped was the only thing they got right.
TV World
Dec 1958

small photo on the cover and an interview with Darlene. Though her Mouseketeer contract was over, she still had a separate recording contract with Disney. She denies any romance between herself and Sal Mineo; it's just a date layout.
Movie Screen Yearbook No 4

Judy Harriet does the Hula, while Annette and Roberta Shore sip pineapple punch at the Luau Cafe in Beverly Hills. To judge by the expressions there may have been more than just pineapple in the punch. Roberta Shore, who is a Mormon, keeps the straw away from her lips.
TV Picture Life
Mar 1959

Solo article on Darlene manages to avoid discussing her career or mentioning Disney. Her hair, no longer maintained by studio hair stylists, has gone back to it's natural dark brown color. Contains comments from Darlene, her parents, and her older sister Pat.
Movie TV Record Stardom
May 1959

ix page layout of Sharon Baird's sweet sixteen party in August 1958 has some terrific photos. Attendees were Annette, Tim Considine, Roberta Shore, Lynn Ready, Rudy Lee, Larry Larsen, and Cheryl Holdridge among others.
Australasian Post
Jun 1959

Doreen does Down Under. The Aussies went wild for Doreen when she and other Mouseketeers toured Oz in May 1959. A short article with original photos, including one with her mother. Doreen was again a cover girl for this news weekly in 1960, on the Mouseketeers second tour.
Aug 1959

Two page photo layout on Judy Harriet's performance in the musical Say One For Me. Doesn't mention that Judy's perfectly good vocals for the song The Night Rock 'n' Roll Died were overlain by an adult singer. You can also glimpse Ronnie Steiner aad his brothers in some of the photos.
Movie TV Record Stardom
Sep 1959

ust a blurb on the cover, but plenty of photos and a five page interview inside for Darlene. She had recently put henna in her hair, hence the title. The interviewer, though gentle, elicits comments depicting a sensitive girl trying to mask her disappointment at her lack of career.
Movie Mirror
Nov 1959

Roberta Shore's bit in Blue Denim earned her this article emphasizing her LDS faith. Has a photo showing her with date David Stollery for the premiere of the film. This issue also has a photo of Judy Harriet with older sister Surina, a model.
Hollywood Secrets Annual #5

What's a nice Jewish girl doing with the Philly Flash? Two page photo spread of Judy Harriet and Fabian on a date layout. There is also a two page article on What Hollywood Has Done to Annette with a full-color back cover of her.
Hollywood Teen Agers
Sep 1960

pecial publication by Dell issued without advertising, contained articles about real couples and date layouts alike, but all written as if they were a fictional romance. Besides Annette and Paul, there was a multipage spread of photos of Judy Harriet and Fabian at the Coconut Grove.
Motion Picture
Mar 1963

Steamy photo spread has Cheryl Holdridge and Fabian making out in the surf at Malibu. Unusually candid photos for a nineteen year old starlet in the early sixties, but Cheryl was part of a generation that was breaking down the old stereotypes.
Teen Life
May 1963

A four page photo article with Johnny Crawford and Beverly Washburn shows them horsing around with ropes and harness. While "date layouts" like this were commonplace in the fan magazines of the time, these two look like they're really having a good time with each other.
Movie Life
Apr 1964

"date layout" for Cheryl Holdridge and Michael Anderson Jr that was overtaken by the news of her engagement to Lance Reventlow. The editors cast Michael as a 'heartbroken beau', almost certainly the usual fan mag nonsense. Has some interesting comments from Cheryl's parents.
Modern Teen
May 1964

A three page photo layout of teen actors and actresses bowling includes Don Grady, Paul Petersen, Cheryl Holdridge, and what looks to be Sharon Baird in an uncredited photo.
Jan 1965

Very rare and brief article about Tim Rooney at eighteen mentions his love of science fiction and surprising five foot eleven stature given his diminutive father. There is also an article on Johnny Crawford, then riding the rodeo circuit full-time after The Rifleman ended.
The Rolling Stone
June 24, 1971

ore a newspaper than a magazine, this issue contains the infamous interview of Dennis Day by Amie Hill. Leaving aside the declaration of his bisexuality and the obligatory references to getting high, what you have is the first honest look at the show from the inside, and what it was like for a kid to be a Mouseketeer. He blows the cover on Mouseketeer romances, frankly admitting the studio cooked most of them up. Dennis and Cheryl were assigned to each other, but Dennis admits disliking her intensely because she was a one-take wonder in close-ups, whereas he had to do them over and over. He also provides a very funny recounting of the 1968 Mouseketeer reunion for Mickey Mouse's 40th Anniversary on The Wonderful World of Color.
Funnyworld No 17
Fall 1977

Roy Williams interview by Don Peri, conducted in spring 1976, six months before Roy's passing. Roy makes it plain he idolises Walt Disney, dismisses the studio strikers of 1941 as unworthy, and paints a utopian portrait of studio life at odds with the atmosphere related by others.
The Baum Bugle
Winter 1980-81 - 24 pages
The Journal of the International Wizard of Oz Club

Contains an article by Dave Smith on Disney's project to film The Rainbow Road to Oz. Roughly six pages, with numerous design sketches and a few photos from the Disneyland episode promoting the project.
Franklin Mint
Sep-Oct 1982

Sherry Alberoni's collection of MMC and Mickey Mouse memoribilia (some of which she made herself) is on view for readers of this catalog publication. Sherry was very active in the 1980 reunion and later live shows at Disneyland.
Starlog No 91
Feb 1985

eprint of Dave Smith article on Rainbow Road to Oz that first appeared in the Baum Bugle (above). Added plus are marvelous color photos that unfortunately don't reproduce well in this magazine's lower quality printing.
Aug 1997

A fifty-one year old buff and bronzed Cubby O'Brien poses in the swimming pool. Article gives a good background bio on Cubby including his parents and brothers, and also features a photo with his second wife Terri.
Good Housekeeping
May 1999

Very well-written and researched article on Darlene's life and legal troubles. Presents Darlene's viewpoint in a judicious manner, reflecting sympathy for her predicament but skepticism for her explanation of what happened. Its too bad Elisabeth Bumiller didn't write a book on the MMC.
Autograph Collector
March 2005

real rarity, a brief profile on Don Underhill, stemming from a fan's notice of him on the news in 2003 when his Alpine Lodge burned in a wilderness fire.
3rd Ed 2011

Italian-American heritage magazine tribute profile of Annette by Lorraine Santoli.

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