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Walt Disney Magazine First Issue Mock-up

Dear Original MMC,

Iím contacting you regarding what I believe to be the Mock-Up of the very first issue of Walt Disneyís Mickey Mouse Club Magazine. Iím no expert, but here is what Iíve been able to find out from my research on the Mock-Up and my history with it. Iíve added pictures to help you decide for yourself if it is an important historical item and if you know of anyone that may be interested in it.

Walt Disneyís Mickey Mouse Club Magazine was initiated in late 1955 by Western Publishing (New York) and was produced with the help of Disney staffers. Itís unclear to me if this Mock-Up is from Western Publishing themselves or one of the Disney staffers, but the latter seems more possible as I have a stack of Christmas Cards that the Disney Company only sent to employees that came along with the magazines.

I purchased the Mock-Up along with all 23 issues of the Magazine and a few other Disneyana items at an auction this spring and when I looked through the lot of magazines I realized that one was different. The Magazines, along with the Mock-Up appeared to have been archived originally in some way as they have been hole punched to fit in a binder of some sort. All the magazines have matching holes, as if they were put together for storage.

The Mock-Up has light pencil marks throughout where someone wanted to highlight some changes for the final printing and on the cover at the top it has writing in pencil that says, ď1st Issue Mock-UpĒ.

The Mock-Up was also unusual to me in that all the pages are printed one-sided and then glued together to show what the final may look like. The Mock-Up is in all black and white and on several pages, you can see where the text and pictures were made up of several smaller pieces as they show the edges of the paper. These are all indications to me that the Mock-Up was done in the 50ís as it matches the technology we had back then. No desktop publishing or computers were used to piece the first issue together.

I have added several comparison pictures with the Mock-Up and the finished first issue for your review. I hope this is helpful. If this truly is the Mock-Up for the first issue of the Magazine as it appears to be, it represents a singular historical document that should be placed in a museum or archive that can be preserved for future generations. Itís interesting not only for the fact that itís the Mock-Up of the very first issue but also because it represents the techniques in magazine printing and publishing in the 1950ís.

Please let me know if this Magazine is of interest to you or someone you may know.

Thank you,

Donovan A. Monteith
Writer, Producer, Director
Brothers' Ink Productions

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