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When The Adventures of Spin and Marty proved to be a hit, writer Jackson Gillis reportedly wanted to do a film treatment for it. Walt Disney had always resisted doing sequels in the past, saying that there was no point in competing with yourself. With some Spin and Marty actors and Mouseketeers featuring in Westward Ho, the Wagons (1956), already in production, he may have decided to see how that movie fared before committing to a second feature film.

Producer Bill Walsh assigned Lillie Hayward to write the teleplay, with William Beaudine Sr again directing. Tim Considine and David Stollery would reprise their roles as Spin and Marty, this time sharing lead billing with Walt's favorite Mouseketeer, Annette Funicello. A new favorite of Walt's, youngster Kevin Corcoran, also joined the cast, largely eclipsing the five supporting child actors who returned from the original series.

Note: The images here are from just a few episodes of the series; many come courtesy of Kurt Spitzner.


New Triple R camper Moochie is introduced to the returning gang by Freddy. Marty arrives at camp wearing a polo outfit and acting snobby again. It's a put on, though, and he's soon laughing and greeting his pals Spin, Joe, Ambitious, Al, and Speckle. At suppertime Mr. Logan announces that the big competition this year will be a swim meet against North Fork, and that there will be a dance with the girls from the new Circle H camp across the lake. The boys are all enthusiastic, except for Spin, who doesn't know how to dance. A chance encounter while riding leads Marty to invite Annette and the Circle H girls to watch a movie of last year's rodeo with North Fork. The competition for Annette's attention puts a strain on Spin and Marty's friendship, culminating in a near fight at a joint wienie roast with the girls. Spin races off alone on Sailor, getting himself knocked unconscious. Marty, Col Logan, and Bill Burnett rescue him, but Moochie, told to fetch an older boy to rub down Skyrocket, forgets to do it, and the horse catches a chill. Exit Moochie, stage left, until Skyrocket recovers and the tearful lad is brought back.

At the long-awaited dance, it's Marty who misses out, he and Perkins having been stung badly by bees. Spin, taught how to bop by Ollie the Wrangler, makes a big hit with Annette. The strain between the two boys finally breaks out into a fight the night before the swim meet. North Fork has a new camper named Terry Moore, who proves to be a major threat to the Triple R. The Circle H girls cheer on the Triple R boys, while Spin and Marty glare at each other. The meet is tied up at the last race, when Spin is conked on the head by Moochie's toy motorboat. Marty saves his friend from drowning, but the swim meet is lost. Ignoring Annette's tender ministrations, Spin races off to join his retreating pal Marty. At the campfire that night they learn that Marty's Grandmother will buy a ranch, at which they can both work. The boys laugh as they recount their last sight of Annette, paddling away in a canoe with the North Fork swim champion.

Episode Guide

Episode         Orig Air Date          
1.   An Introduction         Nov 15, 1956          
2.   Back to Triple R         Nov 16, 1956          
3.   Orders From Grandmother         Nov 19, 1956          
4.   The First Campfire         Nov 20, 1956          
5.   The Meeting         Nov 21, 1956          
6.   The Wild Stallion         Nov 22, 1956          
7.   Homemade Movies         Nov 23, 1956          
8.   A Social Evening         Nov 26, 1956          
9.   Summer Daze         Nov 27, 1956          
10. The Rescue         Nov 28, 1956          
11. Perkins Strikes Back         Nov 29, 1956          
12. A Dancing Lesson         Nov 30, 1956          
13. The Wienie Roast         Dec   3, 1956          
14. Sailor to the Rescue         Dec   4, 1956          
15. Skyrocket in Trouble         Dec   5, 1956          
16. The Long Night         Dec   6, 1956          
17. The Runaway         Dec   7, 1956          
18. Busy Little Bees         Dec 10, 1956          
19. The Dance         Dec 11, 1956          
20. Trouble Ahead         Dec 12, 1956          
21. At It Again         Dec 13, 1956          
22. The Swimming Meet         Dec 14, 1956          
23. The Last Campfire         Dec 17, 1956          


Production on this story began July 30, 1956, and wrapped up on September 21, 1956. Once again, the Golden Oak and Walker ranches were used for filming, with additional scenes done at Agua Dulce Lake, northeast of Santa Clarita. Tim Considine and David Stollery were given a $50 raise over their salary for the first serial, to $450 per week, nearly double what Annette and the other Mouseketeers were then making.

Though interesting, this sequel didn't live up to the original serial. A glance at the cast listing below will provide one possible reason: there are more credited adult actors than kids, a reversal from the first series. Where the original serial let the interactions between the boys dominate the scenes, in this sequel scenes with adults predominated. As this was a story crafted for the young teenage level, the adult actors had to deliver juvenile-appropriate dialogue in a muted manner, coming off as very weak tea indeed.

The character of Moochie was just the sort of extroverted persona director Bill Beaudine favored. Hayward gets the credit for this character, having already devised the "Moochie gets in mischief, Moochie runs away, Moochie tearfully confesses" bit in the Adventure in Dairyland serial. This little routine was thrown into the action whenever Lillie's muse waned. Walt loved it, Bill Walsh liked it because Walt did, and Beaudine could shoot it in his sleep.

Having worked with her on Adventure in Dairyland, director Beaudine was neither impressed with Annette's acting abilities, nor in awe of her position as Walt's favorite. Despite her billing status in this serial, she had far fewer camera shots and close-ups than Moochie. This actually worked to Annette's advantage, for with her, less was more. Hayward's teleplay had Annette registering annoyance, disdain, and later, astonishment at Spin's abandonment of her, making her character seem more lively and natural than would be allowed in later serials.

Though all the returning child actors had grown since the previous summer, none had so drastically altered as David Stollery. From a cute tow-headed youngster he had become a tall, slightly gawky teenager. The change in his physical appearance may have affected his confidence, for at times he seems hesitant and unsure where the action doesn't call for it.

David Stollery wasn't the only actor in this serial to display some awkwardness in delivering lines. Bill Beaudine's illness was causing uneasiness even among the adult performers. It's hard to concentrate when the guy who should be leading you is grimacing in pain two feet away. Production was suspended on Sept 4, 1956 when Beaudine was hospitalized for peritonitis, and resumed a few days later with dialogue coach Fred Hartsook taking the helm. To expedite finishing the serial, Bill Walsh and Hartsook decided to discard six pages of the shooting script.

For Brand Stirling (Al) and Roger Broadus (Freddie) this would be their third and final project with Disney and director Bill Beaudine. However, Disney newcomer Melinda Plowman (Peggy) would rejoin Beaudine and others of his MMC serial alumni (Harry Carey Jr, Roy Barcroft, Lennie Geer, and Chuck Courtney) in the campy horror-western Billy the Kid vs. Dracula (1966). Though this was her first job at Disney, Melinda already had an impressive array of acting credits, as did the only other credited Lakeview girl, Bonnie Kay Eddy. Rose Constance Gilchrist, who played Marty's grandmother, was a Brooklyn-born stage, film, and television actress who would appear in three Disney movies during the sixties. Joyce Holden played a variety of roles in "B" flicks during the fifties, but rarely a "good girl" part like counselor Helen Adams in this serial.



Actor         Role
Tim Considine         "Spin" Evans
David Stollery         Martin "Marty" Markham
Annette Funicello         Annette
Roy Barcroft         Col. Jim Logan
Harry Carey         Bill Burnett
Lennie Geer         Ollie
J. Pat O'Malley         Perkins
B. G. Norman         Ambitious
Tim Hartnagel         Clarence "Speckle" Smith
Roger Broaddus         Freddie
Sammy Ogg         Joe Simpson
Kevin Corcoran         Montgomery "Moochie" O'Hara
Melinda Plowman         Peggy
Brand Stirling         Alfred "Al" MacGrath
Tim Ryan         Jason
Robert J. Anderson         Terry Moore
Charles Morton         Freddie's father
Joyce Holden         Helen Adams
Connie Gilchrist         Mrs. Markham
Jesse B. Kirkpatrick         Meet Official
Tom Hennesy         North Fork Counselor
Sammee Tong         George1
Robert B. Williams         Dr. Bradley (Veterinarian)
George Eldredge         Dr. Spaulding
Kelli Green         Speckle's mother
James Horan         Speckle's father
Bonnie Eddy         Lakeview Girl

1 - As with the first serial, the credits list him as "George" but the character is referred to throughout the serial as "Sam".


Bill Walsh         Producer
Louis Debney         Associate Producer
Tommy Walker         Associate Producer
John Grubbs         Production Manager
Lillie Hayward         Writer (teleplay)
William Beaudine Sr         Director
Fred Hartsook         Dialogue Director, Director
Jack Cunningham         Assistant Director
Bill Finnegan         Assistant Director
Tommy Foulkes         Assistant Director
Russ Haverick         Assistant Director
Gene Law         Assistant Director
Eric Von Stroheim Jr         Assistant Director
William Lava         Theme Song, Music
Stan Jones         Songs (uncredited)
Jimmie Dodd         Song: Sweetshop Rock (uncredited)
Buddy Baker         Music
Joseph S. Dubin         Music
Franklyn Marks         Music
Oliver Wallace         Music
Bruce Bushman         Art Director
Marvin Aubrey Davis         Art Director
Gordon Avil, A.S.C.         Director of Photography
Walter H. Castle, A.S.C.         Director of Photography
Cotton Warburton, A.C.E.         Film Editor
Joseph S. Dietrick         Film Editor
Jim Love         Film Editor
Robert O. Cook         Sound
Bertram Granger         Set Decorator
Emile Kuri         Set Decorator
Chuck Keehne         Costumes
Dave Newell         Make-up
Ruth Sandifer         Hair Stylist
Ben Harris         Facilities Coordinator
Charles Dargan         Production Coordinator

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