The Original Mickey Mouse Club Show

The Mickey Mouse Club Show: Guest Stars

The tables below contain all known guest stars for the first two seasons of the original Mickey Mouse Club, by order of appearence. Some guests appeared more than once per season; others had a single appearence turned into two by the film editors. Disney paid a standard starting guest fee of $450, though at least one child guest star received $1,000 for his performance. Many guests didn't even get that; they were Disney contract players, voice-over artists, or employees, who appeared without additional compensation.

After the USA nearly swept the 1956 Olympic figure skating awards the show's producers booked five skating acts for guest star spots during the second season. The vast majority of guest stars, however, had tie-ins to other Disney projects. Third season guest stars appeared on either Mondays or Wednesdays, with Tuesdays usually given over to serials and cartoons. The only guest star to appear on a Tuesday during that season is listed at the bottom of the page.

Where available, images have been provided from the guest's actual appearence on the show. Failing that, general publicity photos or images from other film or television appearences have been used. For some of these folks, however, there is simply no picture available. Only original appearences are listed; reruns are excluded.

Most of the information below was extracted from original research done by Bill Cotter, however, any errors of fact or mistakes in interpretation are my own.

  Season 1   (1955-56)     Season 2   (1956-57)  
  Wally Boag  
  Oct 4, 1955  
  The Rolling Robinsons  
  Roller Skaters  
  Oct 2, 1956  
  Sons of the Pioneers  
  Western Singers
  Oct 11, 1955
  Dave Marco  
  Silhouette puppets
  Oct 9, 1956
  George Givot  
  Disney Voice Actor
  Oct 18, 1955
  The Birk Twins  
  Oct 16, 1956
  Jeri Southern  
  Oct 25, 1955
  Leo Carrillo  
  Oct 23, 1956
  Jerry Colonna  
  Nov 1, 1955
  Owen McGiveney  
  Oct 30, 1956
  The Mellomen  
  Singing Quartet
  Nov 8, 1955
  The Maxwells  
  Comedy Skaters
  Nov 6, 1956
  Clarence Nash  
  Cliff Edwards  
  Jose Oliveira  
  Nov 15, 1955
  Ronnie Robertson  
  Willie Krall  
  Ice Skaters
  Nov 13, 1956
  The Bell Sisters  
  Singing Duo
  Filmed: 7/30/1955
  Nov 22, 1955
  Cliff Edwards  
  Nov 20, 1956
  Candy Candido  
  Disney Voice Actor
  Nov 29, 1955
  Firehouse 5+2  
  Dixieland Jazz
  Nov 27, 1956
  The Happy Jesters  
  Comic Singing Trio
  Dec 6, 1955
  Ray MacDonald  
  Peggy Ryan  
  Tap Dancers
  Dec 4, 1956
  Morey Amsterdam  
  Dec 13, 1955
  Fess Parker  
  Buddy Ebsen  
  Disney Actors
  Dec 11, 1956
  Candy and Nancy  
  Unknown act
  Dec 20, 1955
  Robert Lamouret  
  Dec 18, 1956
  Firehouse 5+2  
  Dixieland Jazz
  Dec 27, 1955
  Donna Atwood  
  Ice Skater
  (1st half)
  Dec 25, 1956
  Carla Alberghetti  
  Jan 17, 1956
  Phil Romayne  
  Cathy Steele  
  Ice Skaters
  Jan 1, 1957
  Helene Stanley  
  Disney Actress
  Jan 24, 1956
  Donna Atwood  
  Ice Skater
  (2nd Half)
  Feb 5, 1957
  Hank Penny  
  Jan 31, 1956
  Fess Parker  
  Disney Actor
  Feb 12, 1957
  Archer and Gile  
  Folk Singers
  Feb 7, 1956
  Master Ralph  
  Feb 19, 1957
  Larry Collins  
  Feb 14, 1956
  Judy Canova  
  Tweeny England  
  Apr 16, 1957
  Clarence Nash  
  Cliff Edwards  
  Jose Oliveira  
  Feb 21, 1956
  Gil Lamb  
  Apr 23, 1957
  Donald Novis  
  Judy Marsh  
  Wally Boag  
  Feb 28, 1956
  Sid Miller  
  MMC Director
  Apr 30, 1957

  Season 3   (1957-58)  
  Kevin Corcoran  
  Disney Actor
  Mar 18, 1958

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