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Fun with Music Day: Mouseketeer Musical Skits

The table below contains all known Mouseketeer Fun With Music Day skits appearing during the third season of the original Mickey Mouse Club, by order of broadcast. If you find that your favorite number doesn't appear here, it might have been on Anything Can Happen Day. When this season's skits had an intro it was done by a Mouseketeer and staged to look like they had just finished roll call. Skits were shorter than the previous season due to the reduction in air time for the show, but still tended to be longer than the one song numbers of the first season.

Storylines and dialogue writing credits for the skits are Tom Adair and Sid Miller. Song credits are listed in parantheses. Where available, images and video links have been provided from the actual show. For some of the shows there is no picture or information available. Only original broadcast appearences are listed; reruns are excluded. Note that some musical numbers or photos might be incorrectly assigned to a particular show. While all shows are listed, the songs and other credits for them are incomplete. The introductions listed with each particular show were filmed seperately in one or two days during June 1957, and were all written by Sid Miller.

Most of the information below was extracted from original research done by Bill Cotter, however, any errors of fact or mistakes in interpretation are my own.

  Season 3   (1957-58)  
Pet Shop
  Prod No: 8206-0??
  Filmed: Apr-Jul 1957
  Broadcast: Sep 30, 1957
  Intro: Karen
  Lead: Darlene Gillespie
  With: Lonnie, Tommy, Bobby, Roy
  Song: Will You Pay Attention to Me? (Marks/Adair)
  Song: What'll Ya Do? (Marks/Adair)
The third season opener was again a Darlene showpiece, with a solo song and dance for the first number, followed by a group effort on the second. The songs were composed by Franklyn Marks with lyrics by Tom Adair. Marks was the keyboard accompanist on the set for filming and for Mouseketeer live performances.
Mousekamatinee Today
  Prod No: 8206-092
  Filmed: Apr 18, 1957
  Broadcast: Oct 7, 1957
  Intro: None
  Lead: Ensemble
  Song: Mousekamatinee (Sid Miller/Tom Adair)
  Song: Brief reprises of various other songs
Each Mouseketeer gets to do their specialty in this variety piece, which introduced the third season replacements to the viewing audience. Their television debut actually occurred several weeks earlier on the Disneyland show's 4th Anniversary episode, where they appeared with other mice and Walt Disney.
The Lennon Sisters  
  Prod No: 8206-00?
  Filmed: Apr-Jul 1957
  Broadcast: Oct 14, 1957
  Intro: Darlene
  Lead: The Lennon Sisters
  Song: Break of Day (George Bruns/Winston Hibler)
  Song: Together Time (Paul Smith/Gil George)
  Song: Now to Sleep (Bruns/Hibler/Ralph Waldo Wright)
The Lennon sisters performed three songs from the Disney film Perri, released August 1957, with help from Linda, Doreen, Annette, Tommy, and Bobby.
Japanese Cinderella  
  Prod No: 8206-088
  Filmed: Apr-May 1957
  Broadcast: Oct 21, 1957
  Intro: Jimmie Dodd
  Lead: Virgina Lee, Bob Amsberry, Don Agrati
  Trio: Linda, Karen, Sharon
  With: Annette, Darlene, Doreen, Lonnie, Tommy, Roy
  Song: Made in Japan (Marvyn Ash/Franklyn Marks)
This skit featured guest Virginia Lee in the title role. Bob Amsberry was the storyteller, Don the handsome Prince, Roy the Fairy Godfather. The three older girls were wicked step-sisters, the younger ones a singing trio. The first half was really a standalone number making a play on the flood of cheap consumer goods then entering the US from Japan (how times have changed). The second half was the Cinderella skit, with just spoken narration by the storyteller.
Pirate Show  
  Prod No: 8206-0??
  Filmed: Apr-Jul 1957
  Broadcast: Oct 28, 1957
  Intro: Annette
  Boys: Cubby, Lonnie, Tommy, Bobby
  Girls: Sharon, Doreen, Cheryl
  Song: Instrumental hornpipe/jig
  Song: Quiet Cave (Unknown)
The ferocious Captain Cubby commands this jolly crew. Doreen also took part in this though she later changed sides to anti-piracy at Warner Brothers. Weak skit has pirate mice looking for treasure in a spooky cave. Voice-overs for the pirates were provided by the Mellomen. Bob Amsberry had a brief scene at the end as the ghoulish inhabitant of the cave.
Blind Date  
  Prod No: 8206-0??
  Filmed: Apr-Jul 1957
  Broadcast: Nov 4, 1957
  Intro: Doreen
  Lead: Darlene
  With: Cubby, Jimmie, Bob, Tommy, Roy
  Couples: Bobby, Annette, Don, Linda, Lynn, Cheryl
  Song: Blind Date (Sid Miller/Tom Adair)
As geeky Darlene waits for her blind date, happy couples waltz by, and a waif importunes her. No dialogue or dancing, until near the end when Darlene sings. Touching little skit, showing Darlene's flair for comedy.
Mexico Show aka The Doreen Show  
  Prod No: 8206-101
  Filmed: May 1957
  Broadcast: Nov 11, 1957
  Intro: Cheryl
  Lead: Jimmie, Doreen, Don
  Solo: Tom Mahoney
  Song: Chouchula Express (Marks/Adair)
  Song: Bitty Bamba (Marks/Adair)
The Mouseketeers take a trip to Mexico, where Señorita Doreen greets them. Choreographer Tom Mahoney does a flamenco dance atop a table.
Shadow Show  
  Prod No: 8206-0??
  Filmed: Apr-Jul 1957
  Broadcast: Nov 18, 1957
  Lead: Bobby
  With: Annette, Tom Mahoney, Darlene (voice-over)
  Song: Shadow on the Wall (Tom Adair/Buddy Baker)
  Song: Two Silhouettes (Ray Gilbert/Charles Wolcott)
The first number featured Bobby singing and dancing with his own "shadow" (choreographer Tom Mahoney). The second had Bobby and Annette dancing in silhouette, then in shadows, while Darlene sang. The song Two Silhouettes is from the Disney 1946 feature Make Mine Music (Thanks to Joseph H)
A Day at the Beach aka Silent Movie  
  Prod No: 8206-117
  Filmed: May-Jun 1957
  Broadcast: Nov 25, 1957
  Intro: Jimmie Dodd
  Lead: Bob Amsberry, Darlene
  With: Don, Bobby, Annette, Lonnie, Doreen, Roy
  Song: Strollin' by the Beach (Jackman/Ash)
The first half has the four older kids singing and dancing on the boardwalk while an elderly sidewalk photographer (Bob Amsberry) looks on. The second part has Doreen and Don Agrati join in; the scene dissolves to an old time silent movie with jerky motion and rinky-tink music. Bob Amsberry plays a Keystone Kop, with Bobby as the villain, Roy as the victim and Don Agrati as the hero.
Father and Son  
  Prod No: 8206-091
  Filmed: Apr-May 1957
  Broadcast: Dec 2, 1957
  Intro: Annette
  Lead: Jimmie, Bobby
  Bit: Bob Amsberry
  With: Lynn, Don Agrati, Sharon, Linda, Cheryl, Bonnie
  Song: Father and Son (Marvin Ash/Tom Adair)
Song and dance numbers built around Jimmie and Bobby resembling one another. First half is a soft shoe duet, followed by Jimmie doing a banjo solo while Bobby does some scene stealing.
The Boagy Shoppe  
  Prod No: 8206-090
  Filmed: April 1957
  Broadcast: Dec 9, 1957
  Intro: Cubby
  Lead: Wally Boag
  With: Annette, Don Agrati, Doreen, Cheryl, Bonnie, Lonnie
  Song: Blow a Boagalloon (Marvin Ash/Tom Adair)
The first half has the Mouseketeers visiting Wally in his new Boagy Shoppe, where he does some fast one-liners and balloon tricks. The second half is a song and dance with a few tumbling moves, to which the four girls join at the end.
Library Show  
  Prod No: 8206-0??
  Filmed: Apr-Jul 1957
  Broadcast: Dec 23, 1956
  Intro: Annette
  Lead: Linda, Don Agrati
  With: Karen, Bonnie
  Song: Too Marvelous for Words (Mercer)
            'S Marvellous (Gershwin/Gershwin)
            Put Away Your Books (Adair/Baker)

Linda, Karen, and Bonnie play a trio of librarians who sing "Put Away Your Books, Put Away Your Dreams" while musing over romantic heroes. When the other two leave for the evening, Linda encounters Don, who asks for help with the dictionary. He sings the Mercer song to Linda, who in turns performs the Gershwin song for him; both pretend to forget the lyric "Amorous". The skit ends with a cute sight gag that hints at an uncompleted move to kiss behind the bookshelves. Daring stuff!

A portion of the librarians lament was used in the "4th Anniversary Episode" of Walt Disney Presents, broadcast September 1957. For that excerpt it was Karen, not Linda, who sang longingly of Robin Hood.
The Three Bears aka The Karen Show  
  Prod No: 8206-0??
  Filmed: Apr-Jul 1957
  Broadcast: Dec 30, 1957
  Intro: Jimmie Dodd
  Lead: Karen
  Pancho: Bob Amsberry
  Bears: Roy, Doreen, Cubby
A Mexican version, with Karen as Goldilocks, Bob as the narrator, Roy as Papa Bear, Doreen as Momma Bear, and Cubby as, well, the cub. A Fun with Music Day with little music and less fun. They just had to break out the bear costumes one last time. Zorro was draining the creative energy away from the MMC at this point. Knowing Walt Disney's preference for the new show, the creative crew were disinclined to spend time with something everyone at the studio (except the Mouseketeers) knew was going away.
Tramp Fashion Show  
  Prod No: 8206-089
  Filmed: Apr-May 1957
  Broadcast: Jan 6, 1958
  Lead: Karen, Cubby, Darlene
  With: Linda, Cheryl, Lonnie, Sharon, Bobby, Doreen, Lynn, Bonnie
  Song: A Rollin' Stone (Marks/George)
  Song: What the Well-Dressed Hobo Will Wear
Karen and Cubby sing the first song while nursemaid Cheryl pushes Linda around in a oversized pram. For the second song (composed by Sid Miller with lyrics by Tom Adair) Darlene and the rest put on an impromptu fashion show using a backyard clothes line. A reprise of the previous season's Tramp Ballet.
Barber Shop Quartet  
  Prod No: 8206-100
  Filmed: Apr-Jul 1957
  Broadcast: Jan 13, 1958
  Lead: Jimmie, Mellomen
  With: Lonnie, Tommy, Lynn, Don, Cubby
  Song: It's the Barber's Life For We (Tom Adair)
  Song: Keep Your Eye on the Ball (Marks/Amsberry)
Lonnie and Tommy are barbers in 1900; they form a quartet with customers Lynn and Don for the first number, with voice-over singing by the Mellomen. Cubby as another customer and Jimmie as Mighty Casey lead the second number.
  Prod No: 8206-103
  Filmed: May-Jun 1957
  Broadcast: Jan 20, 1958
  Intro: Bobby
  Lead: Darlene, Jimmie
  Boys: Lonnie, Tommy, Bobby, Lynn
  Girls: Doreen, Cheryl, Annette, Bonnie
  Song: Hayride (Marvin Ash)
Darlene sings and Jimmie calls square dances while some Mouseketeers pair off and others pretend to play instruments. Pansy the Costume Horse from a first season Circus Day show gets in on the act.
  Prod No: 8206-0??
  Filmed: Apr-Jul 1957
  Broadcast: Feb 18, 1957
  Intro: Darlene
  Lead: Bobby, Linda, Lynn
  With: Annette, Darlene, Lonnie, Tommy, Cheryl
  Song: Super Goofy Shuffle (Ash/Amsberry)
  Song: Doin the Donald Duck Walk (Ash/Amsberry)
A birthday party for Linda has solo dances by Bobby and Lynn, and a group finale. Seems odd to have a birthday party for just Linda while Annette is also sitting there... they were both born on Oct 22nd. Bobby's dance was to off camera singing by Doodles Weaver, the longtime voice of Goofy. Lynn Ready's jazz dance was unusual for the MMC and likely predated his joining the show.
Picnic Time  
  Prod No: 8206-0??
  Filmed: Apr-Jul 1957
  Broadcast: Feb 3, 1958
  Intro: Jimmie Dodd
  Lead: Linda, Don
  With: Annette, Tommy, Doreen, Lonnie, Cheryl, Bobby
  Song: What a Wonderful Day (Baker/Adair)
  Song: Keep Your Eye on the Egg (Baker/Adair)
Linda belts out a song then she and Don share a picnic with the three older couples. A nice skit that showed how the Mouseketeers really didn't need the adult leaders to carry the show.
The Music Shop  
  Prod No: 8206-0??
  Filmed: Apr-Jul 1957
  Broadcast: Feb 10, 1958
  Intro: Darlene
  Lead: Doreen, Lonnie, Bobby
  Quartet: Sharon, Lynn, Karen, Cubby
  With: Bob, Roy, Tommy, Annette, Cheryl
  Song: How Dy Do? (Marks/Adair)
Sharon, Karen, Lynn, and Cubby sing a song as other mice waltz by. The action then shifts to a music shop whose outdoor speaker broadcats snippets of different styles of music. Mannequins from a nearby store window dance to the music, abruptly shifting to each change of style. Doreen says her father Sid Tracey created this concept, which he and his partners Bessie Hay and Ben Blue used to perform on the vaudeville/music hall circuits.
Pantomime with Music  
  Prod No: 8206-0??
  Filmed: Apr-Jul 1957
  Broadcast: Feb 17, 1958
  Intro: Unknown
  Lead: Unknown
  With: Unknown
  Song: Unknown
  Song: Unknown
No further information on this show
Summer Camp  
  Prod No: 8206-115
  Filmed: May-Jun 1957
  Broadcast: Feb 24, 1958
  Intro: Doreen
  Lead: Tommy, Bonnie
  With: Sharon, Cubby, Karen, Linda, Lynn
  Song: Camp Cougar (Heigh Ho)
  Song: Summer Love (Wallace/George)
Bonnie's singing as a thirteen year-old sounded so mature, particularly in contrast to her speaking voice, it seemed like an adult was dubbing her. And it must have been a little annoying to fifteen year old Sharon to be once again relegated to the ranks of the "kiddies".
  Prod No: 8206-0??
  Filmed: Apr-Jul 1957
  Broadcast: Mar 3, 1958
  Intro: Unknown
  Lead: Roy Williams
  With: Unknown
  Song: What Are Grandfathers (Marks/Adair)
  Song: Unknown
No further information on this show
The Sharon Show  
  Prod No: 8206-098
  Filmed: May 1957
  Broadcast: Mar 17, 1958
  Intro: Jimmie Dodd
  Lead: Sharon
  With: Bobby, Cubby, Karen, Linda
  Song: Dry Gulch Cowboy (Dodd/Amsberry)
  Song: Unknown jazz instrumental
Sharon sings, then does her famous tap-dance/jump-rope routine. The boys do a drum and tap duet which Sharon tops with a solo.

Sharon's dance with drumsticks was a tribute to a then recent Fred Astaire number in the film Daddy Long Legs (1956).
Disneyland Calypso  
  Prod No: 8206-0??
  Filmed: Apr-Jul 1957
  Broadcast: Mar 24, 1958
  Intro: Cubby
  Lead: Don, Jimmie, Darlene, Bobby
  With: Annette, Sharon, Lonnie, Cubby
  Song: The Wrong Syl-la-ble (Sykes/George)
  Song: Disneyland Calypso (Baker/Adair)
Don, as a Trinidad native, teaches the mice calypso singing, while they take him on a tour of Disneyland.

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