The Original Mickey Mouse Club Show

Adventure in Dairyland

The American Dairy Association sponsored a serial shown on the Mickey Mouse Club's second season called Adventure in Dairyland. The serial starred Disney actors Annette Funicello, Sammy Ogg, and Kevin Corcoran, and also featured Midwestern actors Glen Graber, Fern Persons, Herb Newcomb, and Mary Lu Delmonte as the McCandless family from Madison, Wisconsin. It was filmed on location at the Dr. Ira Sisk dairy farm in Verona, Wisconsin, while the cast and crew stayed at the Lorraine Hotel in Madison. Filming took place during June 1956, and when it completed, Annette, Sammy, and Kevin returned to California to start work on Further Adventures of Spin and Marty.

This paper pamphlet was distributed free by the American Dairy Association, but has now become quite rare. The inside text is a letter from Annette, but the fascimile handwriting is not hers; Annette's writing slants to the left and is quite rounded. The photos here were provided courtesy of serial actor Glen Graber.

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