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Just about everything I know of the Mouseketeers is either on this site or in one of the publications referenced in the Media section. After looking over the website, and reading the books and magazines listed, if you still have a question about the show or the Mouseketeers, you can send an email to me at the address below. It's a picture, to prevent spam; you'll have to type it in yourself.

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I try to answer all emails, however, sometimes my replies are returned undelivered by mail systems that regard them as spam. Other times they may wind up in a junkmail folder without the intended recipient knowing about it.

For nearly all the Mouseketeers and serial actors, the best way to contact them is by writing a letter care of the Disney Studios Fan Mail Department, who will forward your message, after checking it for appropriate content. For Lonnie Burr, Johnny Crawford, Cubby O'Brien, Paul Peterson, and Steve Stevens, check the contact information on their websites (listed in the links section).

Disney Studios Fan Mail Department
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About This Site

The show's original run occurred when I was little more than a tyke, and my memories of it are overladen by later viewing of the syndicated runs in 1962-64. I was already interested in girls at that point, and was puzzled why my favorite female Mouseketeers were either rarely onscreen, or seemed to grow and shrink with every other show. It was explained to me that these were reruns, and the girls were all many years older than me. Rats!

Fast forward many years....

Being retired, with plenty of time on my hands, I decided to let my second childhood overtake me a little faster by indulging in memories of my first. With Steve's and the Annette Funicello Information Site (both now gone) as inspiration, and with constant reference to Jerry Bowles, Bill Cotter and Lorraine Santoli's excellent books, this site was born.

Your webmaster back when the show was still being made...
my attitude towards cameras hasn't improved any.