The Original Mickey Mouse Club Show

Mickey Mouse Club Circus Souvenir Program

After the first season of filming for the Mickey Mouse Club wrapped up in early November 1955, the Mouseketeers remaining with the show (and a few of those already dropped from regular use) were sent to rehearse and perform in a circus at Disneyland. This circus opened on November 25, 1955, giving two 75-minute performances a day, including Christmas and New Year's. Ted DeWayne, whose acrobatic troupe performed on the Mickey Mouse Club's first Circus Day episode, coordinated the circus acts, while the shows were staged by Hal Adelquist. The circus was dogged by operational problems and poor attendence. Scheduled only for the holiday season, it closed in early January 1956.

Jimmie Dodd was the Ringmaster, Roy Williams the Strongman, and Bob Amsberry played Bob-O the Clown (see cover photo below). The Mouseketeers, and some of their moms as well, performed in a variety of roles, including as clowns, "wild" animals, aerialists, and took part in the grand parade, where the girls dressed as Tinker Belle and the boys as Peter Pan.

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