The Original Mickey Mouse Club Show

Cast List by Season and Team

These lists are accurate with regard to season, but team membership (Red, White, or Blue) is much more problematic. Its been simplified here to on-camera appearence during Roll Call and/or Alma Mater, with some known exceptions. The White team existed only during the first season, being combined with the Blue team towards the end of 1955. Membership of all three teams was probably much more fluid than the static impression given here. To my knowledge, team membership wasn't documented in any way, except indirectly on Call Sheets and the Daily Production reports, where it may be equated with the time cast members were due on the set. However, the kids themselves, and their parents, were very aware of who was on what team.

  Season 1   (1955-56)  
  Red Team     Blue Team     White Team  
† Moved to Blue Team
‡ Except Fridays
  John Lee Johann  
  Bonni Kern  
  Tim Rooney  
  Mary Sartori*  
  Bronson Scott  
  Mark Sutherland  
  Dennis Day*  

* Moved to Red Team
‡ Friday Roll Call Only
  Billie Beanblossom  
  Tommy Cole*  
  Dickie Dodd  
  Mary Espinosa  
  Judy Harriet*  
  Dallas Johann  
  Paul Peterson  
  Mickey Rooney  
  Ronnie Steiner  

* Moved to Red Team
† Moved to Blue Team

  Season 2   (1956-57)  
  Red Team     Blue Team  
* Moved to Blue Team
† Possibly moved to Blue Team
  Sherry Alberoni (Allen)
  Eileen Diamond
  Charley Laney
  Larry Larson*
  Margene Storey*

* Possibly moved to Red Team

  Season 3   (1957-58)  
  Red Team     Blue Team  
* Not in Roll Call or Alma Mater   Don Agrati (Grady)
  Bonnie Lynn Fields  
  Linda Hughes  
  Lynn Ready  

  Season 4   (Spring 1958)  
  Red Team     Blue Team  
Only 1 or 2 shows filmed   Sharon Baird*  
  Tommy Cole†  

* Used on ad hoc basis
† Used for publicity only

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