The Original Mickey Mouse Club Show

Bronson Scott         (Jul 21, 1947)

The Youngest Mouseketeer

Just seven when she became a Mouseketeer, Bronson was already a good ballet and tap dancer. Assigned to the Blue Team, she not only introduced guest star acts, but also took part in musical production numbers with the Red Team. She lasted the entire first season of filming, but never did break into Roll Call.


The youngest Mouseketeer was born in San Gabriel, California, according to Disney press releases. ("Bronson Scott" is a stage name). She took tap, ballet, and piano lessons from an early age, and listed her favorite activities as bike-riding and finger-painting. She was just seven when she auditioned for the club, becoming one of the first Mouseketeers.

Like many of the first season Mouseketeers, Bronson came to the open call audition in April 1955 from Burch Mann's University of Dance in Alhambra. A third of the Mouseketeer cast, and nearly all of those without prior professional experience, was comprised of that choreographer's dance students.


As one of the first kids hired, Bronson spent her early days modeling prototype costumes. She danced and sang in the early musical numbers The Shoe Song and Friendly Farmers, but was assigned to the Blue or White Team, where performing opportunities were rare. She did take part in the Disneyland Debut on July 17, 1955, doing a fast tap routine with Mary Espinosa and Sharon.

Bronson had several speaking roles introducing guest stars, often wearing a top hat and white tie and tails. Like most of the kids, she also got her chance to introduce the Mousekartoon, in her case pairing up with Dennis. She also took part in the comedy sketch The British Grenadier. Bronson remained with the show all through the first season of filming, performing at the Disneyland Mickey Mouse Club Circus from November through early January 1956, but was then released along with most of the remaining Mouseketeers.


Though she left show business after the Mickey Mouse Club, Bronson continued to study at the Arcadia Studio of Dance while living in Monterey Park and attending Montebello High School. She performed with a semi-pro group called The Satin Dolls for nightclubs, schools, hospitals, and charity benefits. She did some fashion modeling, took up photography as a hobby, and went to college, where she graduated with a B. A. in Business Administration.

After graduation, Bronson spent a few years in marketing and advertising, then retired to become a full-time housewife after marrying Charles Schott. She took part in the 1975 Disneyland Parade celebrating the Park and the Mouseketeer's 20th Anniversary, but did not make the televised 25th Anniversary reunion in 1980.

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