The Original Mickey Mouse Club Show

Disney DVD: The Best of The Mickey Mouse Club

In Summer 2005 the Disney Company issued this barebones DVD of two shows from the third season on ABC and three syndicated episodes. Each of these shows had previously been featured on video tape in the 1990's. Unlike the Treasures series, the episodes contained here were not cleaned up, and as a result appear dark and a bit grainy.

Front of DVD Case Bestof MMC Main Menu Best of MMC Episode Menu Rear of DVD Case

The menus are very basic; the episode menu has no provision for scene selection, so you'll have to fast forward or use the "Next Chapter" button to find specific segments. There are no special features on this DVD, unless you count the Disney previews. Ironically, the cover features a publicity photo from an episode of the Disneyland television show, not from The Mickey Mouse Club

Pet Shop 1st Episode: Fun with Music Day
This is a third season show, originally broadcast Sep 30, 1957, with the usual opening (We're the Mouseketeers...). It leads into "Pet Shop", a two part skit that has two comical songs. The first is Will You Pay Attention to Me, sung and danced solo by Darlene. The second is What'll Ya Do?, in which Darlene is teased by Tommy, Bobby, and Lonnie, until Roy comes to the rescue. The episode continues with the opening installment of the second Hardy Boys serial, The Mystery of Ghost Farm, followed by Doreen singing The Race is Won by Running, and the Red Team doing Mickey Mouse Alma Mater.
Guest Star Ronnie Robertson 2nd Episode: Guest Star Day
This is a syndicated show, with a second season Guest Star Day opening and main feature. The first guest star is introduced by Margene, with Charley and Larry watching. "Bewildered Ballerina" features the Ice Capades Willie Krall doing a comic skating routine in drag. The second guest of this episode is 1956 Olympic Ice Skating Silver Medalist Ronnie Robertson talking with Bob Amsberry, Margene, Larry, and Charley, then skating. This is followed by the Mousekartoon "Ferdinand the Bull", introduced by Cubbie and Karen, and ends with a very short third season Alma Mater.
Firehouse 5+2 3rd Episode: Anything Can Happen Day
This show from syndication starts with the second season "Anything Can Happen Day" opening, then goes to a first season "Anything Can Happen Day" performance. A quick song by Jimmie, Darlene, and Sharon introduces the Firehouse 5+2. This dixieland combo features a host of Disney studio employees, including animator Ward Kimball and composer George Bruns, in two swinging numbers. The first, "I Want to be a Fireman", is sung and danced by the Mouseketeers, with quick solos by Annette, Doreen, Bonni, Mary Sartori, Mike, Karen, and Lonnie. The second, "Tiger Rag" has Cubby on drums accompanying the band while Sharon, Bonni, Bobby, and Lonnie do a fast run through of dances from the 1920's. The show continues with Mousekartoon Mickey's Nightmare, introduced by Darlene, and concludes with a third season closing.
Circus Day performers the Half Brothers 4th Episode: Circus Day
This syndicated show appears to have been cut down from a single second season Circus Day episode. It has a shortened opening, followed by Circus Barker Bob Amsberry introducing a South American juggling act called the Half Brothers. A fairly interesting duo, they pull Roy into their act at the end. Look for a continuity goof: Margene, Larry and Jay-Jay are in the audience in v-neck polo shirts, but when talking with the act are in turtlenecks. This episode also has a Mousekartoon introduced by all six second season Red Team girls, and the full version of the second season closing song.
Talent Winners Cheryl Wineberg, Ronnie & Riley Wilson 5th Episode: Talent Round-Up Day
This third season show opens with the western version of We're the Mouseketeers and features talent winner Cheryl Wineberg singing and dancing the "Weekend Blues". She then does an instrumental latin tap dance with brothers Ronnie and Riley Wilson, while Tommy, Annette, Linda, Doreen, Cheryl, and Jimmie watch. This is followed by episode 5 in the Newsreel Special "Hawaiian Adventure", narrated by Annette. The show concludes with a Mousekefable by Jimmie, and a short Alma Mater.

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