The Original Mickey Mouse Club Show

Walt Disney Movie Club Exclusives DVD: The Mystery of the Applegate Treasure

Eight years after the Disney Company issued their Treasures DVD of the first Hardy Boys serial they offered this re-issue as a bonus to members of the Disney Movie Club. Gone are frills of the Treasure series; this offering has only a plastic case and two discs inside. There are no special features, but the original MMC episode that introduced the serial is included along with the serial chapters.

The discs contain all nineteen eleven-minute episodes from the show's second most popular serial. The quality of the reproduction is equal to that of the Treasures series. Each episode opens with the Mickey Mouse Club emblem and the Gold Dubloons and Pieces of Eight theme song, but ends abruptly without credits, which are only found at the end of the hourlong MMC episode.

Oddly, the creators of this DVD chose to go with widescreen menus instead of the standard television aspect of the Treasures series menus and of the serial itself. With the passing of actors Carole Ann Campbell (Iola Morton) in 2010 and Donald MacDonald (Perry Robinson) in 2014, only principals Tim Considine and Tommy Kirk are left of the performers from this serial.

Disc 1 Contents

Episode Menu 1
  Introduction: The Mickey Mouse Club, Oct 4, 1956
  1.   The Stranger
  2.   A Real Case
Episode Menu 2
  3.   The First Clue
  4.   The Fugitive
  5.   Applegate's Gold
Episode Menu 3
  6.   Dig For Treasure
  7.   A Pirate's Chest
  8.   Boys in Trouble

Disc 2 Contents

Episode Menu 1
  9.   Female Detective
10.   Iola's Bravery
11.   Footsteps in the Tower
12.   The Prisoner Speaks
Episode Menu 2
13.   The Strange Confession
14.   A Golden Clue
15.   The Final Search
16.   The Tower Secret
Episode Menu 3
17.   Never Say Die
18.   Boys in Danger
19.   The Tower Treasure

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