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Walt Disney Treasures DVD: The Hardy Boys

In December 2006 the Disney Company issued this entry in their popular Treasures series of DVDs. Like the rest of the series, this DVD comes in a two-part metal tin, that opens to reveal a standard size black plastic case with a silver-gray wraparound paper cover. Inside are two discs, a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by Leonard Maltin and Roy E. Disney, a small reproduction of the cover of a Hardy Boys comic book, and an eight-page color booklet on the disc contents.

The discs contain nineteen eleven-minute episodes from the show's second most popular serial, and some bonus material. The episodes have been taken from re-mastered originals, and are quite nice looking, though they do appear darker than the other MMC discs in the Disney Treasures series. Each episode opens with the Mickey Mouse Club emblem and the Gold Dubloons and Pieces of Eight theme song, but ends abruptly without credits.

The unavoidable Leonard Maltin introduces both discs, and the full-length hour-long second season Mickey Mouse Club episode that introduced the serial. Leonard mentions the names and shows the faces of nine of the ten Mouseketeers returning from the first season; Darlene Gillespie is omitted, probably as a legal precaution. Bonus features include a documentary on adapting the Hardy Boys books to television, two sets of still galleries, and an interview with Tim Considine and Tommy Kirk. (The studio was either unable to locate Carole Ann Campbell, or, more likely, unable to persuade her to take part).

There's a phony bonus option to register your DVD, like there was for the Mickey Mouse Club Treasures DVD; it simply lists the website address to visit. Credits for the serial, including cast, are only present at the end of the introductary Mickey Mouse Club episode. That episode has no scene selections, so you'll have to fast forward or use the "Next Chapter" button to find the credits.

Disc 1 Contents

Introduction: The Mickey Mouse Club #1, Oct 4, 1956
The Fun With Music Day that introduced the Hardy Boys is shown in its entirety. A newsreel precedes Darlene and Bobby in "Amusement Park". The Hardy Boys introduction follows, then a Doddism, followed by the Mousekartoon, "Mickey's Rival".
Episode Menu 1
  1.   The Stranger
  2.   A Real Case
  3.   The First Clue
  4.   The Fugitive
  5.   Applegate's Gold
Episode Menu 2
  6.   Dig For Treasure
  7.   A Pirate's Chest
  8.   Boys in Trouble
  9.   Female Detective
Bonus Feature: From Dixon to Disney
Leonard Maltin narrates this documentary on how Jackson Gillis adapted the "The Tower Treasure" to The Mystery of the Applegate Treasure. Features Disney TV historian Bill Cotter as the resident expert, but surprisingly has no footage or even photos of Gillis.

Disc 2 Contents

Episode Menu 1
10.   Iola's Bravery
11.   Footsteps in the Tower
12.   The Prisoner Speaks
13.   The Strange Confession
14.   A Golden Clue
Episode Menu 2
15.   The Final Search
16.   The Tower Secret
17.   Never Say Die
18.   Boys in Danger
19.   The Tower Treasure
Bonus Feature: The Hardy Boys Unmasked
Leonard Maltin interviews Tim Considine and Tommy Kirk about their experience filming the Hardy Boys. Tommy gives Leonard a worse time than Harry Carry Jr did on the Spin and Marty DVD; by the end, Leonard is plainly grimacing and longing for the fadeout.
Bonus Feature: Behind The Scenes With The Hardy Boys
The Disney Studio added an instruction page to the galleries on this DVD, making it easier to navigate. This gallery has still photos of the actors and film crew, most of which have already been used in the two bonus documentaries.
Bonus Feature: Paging The Hardy Boys
This gallery focuses on the Hardy Boys as portrayed in Disney print media, including comic books and stories serialized in the Walt Disney Magazine.

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