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Walt Disney Treasures DVD: Annette

In November 2008 the Disney Company issued this entry in their popular Treasures series of DVDs, as a replacement for another cancelled a few months before. Like the rest of the series, this DVD comes in a two-part metal tin, that opens to reveal a standard size black plastic case with a silver-gray wraparound paper cover. Inside are two discs, a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by Leonard Maltin and Roy E. Disney, a small reproduction of a publicity photo of Annette, and an eight-page color booklet on the disc contents.

The discs contain nineteen eleven-minute episodes from the show's third most popular serial, and some bonus material. The episodes have been taken from re-mastered originals, and really look splendid. Each episode opens with Karen's introduction and the theme song, and ends after her announcement of the next episode. Despite the short time frame to produce this DVD, the folks at Disney really did a good job.

Leonard Maltin has four-minute introductions on both discs, which include four bonus features between them. Two of these features are the half-hour third season Mickey Mouse Club episodes that introduced and concluded the Annette serial. Since the serial episodes they contain are already present on the discs, this is less of a treat than you might expect. Also, the Disney folks seem to have become confused about the date of the first show (the introduction), which was broadcast February 10th, 1958, and not February 11th, which was when the first serial episode was shown.

The other features are a 1993 color documentary with Annette and others discussing her musical career, and a recent original tribute to Annette by those closest to her. There's a lot of repeat images in these specials, but they're nicely done.

There's a bonus option to register your DVD, like there was for earlier Treasures DVD; it simply lists the website address to visit. Credits for the serial, including cast, are only present at the end of the two Mickey Mouse Club episodes. Those episodes have no scene selections, so you'll have to fast forward or use the "Next Chapter" button to find the credits.

Disc 1 Contents

Introduction with Leonard Maltin
Leonard gives a quick background to the serial on the steps of the Animation building, mentioning the writer Lillie Hayward, original author Jeanette Sebring Lowrey, and director Charles Lamont, as well as Annette's teenage co-stars.
Episode Menu 1
  An Introduction
  1.   The Newcomer
  2.   Annette Meets Jet
  3.   An Invitation
  4.   The Escort
Episode Menu 2
  5.   The Party
  6.   Paying the Piper
  7.   The Missing Necklace
  8.   What Happened at School
  9.   Almost a Fight
Bonus Feature: The Mickey Mouse Club, Feb 11, 1958*
This third season show has a Mouseketeer skit with a specialty dance by Doreen, Lonnie, and Bobby and a song by Sharon, Karen, Lynn, and Cubby. The introduction to Annette follows, and Jimmie Dodd winds things up with a quick Doddism song.
Bonus Feature: Musically Yours, Annette
This twelve-minute feature was made in 1993, to coincide with the release of a CD anthology of Annette's song recordings. Tutti Carmata, the Sherman brothers, and Annette herself are the principal narrators, with spots by Shelley Fabares, Frankie Avalon, Fabian, and Paul Anka.
* The actual date this show (the introduction) was broadcast is February 10th, 1958, and not February 11th, which was when the first serial episode was shown.

Disc 2 Contents

Introduction with Leonard Maltin
Leonard describes the Disney Studio as backdrop to the serial, mentions musical contributors Tom Adair, Frances Jeffords, Joseph Mullendore, and Bob Jackman, and talks about the careers of Annette's adult co-stars.
Episode Menu 1
10.   Steady Gets an Idea
11.   The Explosion
12.   The Turned Down Invitation
13.   Annette Makes a Decision
14.   The Hayride
Episode Menu 2
15.   The Barbecue
16.   The Fight
17.   The Farewell Letter
18.   Mike to the Rescue
19.   The Mystery Is Solved
Bonus Feature: The Mickey Mouse Club, Mar 7, 1958
This third season show has a Talent Roundup performance by Janey and Linda Fallis, who sing, play steel and electric guitar, and dance as well. The conclusion to Annette follows, then Lonnie Burr and Jimmie Dodd harmonize on a quick Doddism song.
Bonus Feature: To Annette, With Love
Quiet sixteen-minute tribute to Annette, featuring comments from her friends Shelley Fabares and Sharon Baird, her husband Glen Holt, and her songwriter, Richard Sherman. Lots of commentary from Annette as well, from the nineties and eighties.

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