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Donate to the Annette Funicello Research Fund  

From Dave Mason comes the following update:

We've been so appreciative for everyone's support for Annette's Research Fund... our work is alive and well. as noted on our Facebook page The Annette Funicello Research Fund... with an important international conference coming up next month where we expect to gain some significant information about research projects that will take us into an exciting new era of neurovascular research. Glen Holt's son, Philip Holt, is now serving as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and I'm currently serving to support the Research Fund's day to day operational needs. We're rebuilding our team and strategizing for more great work to come.

Our research account at the California Community Foundation in Los Angeles is probably the best way to donate. They continue to give us sound guidance in regard to our mission. and 100% of those funds are applied directly to future research funding. They also provide direct receipts for each contributor so they will have the necessary documents at tax time.

Thank you very much and please share!

Annette is awarded a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame in 1997. Frankie Avalon lauds her career, while her husband Glen Holt and Hollywood Mayor Johnny Grant listen

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